Dune, the canceled game for the Game Boy Advance comes back to life, but without the official license – Nerd4.life

After almost twenty years, the publisher The Retro Room Games has decided to Bring back to life an old game of Dune, dating from 2002, developed for Game Boy Advance, the beloved handheld console from Nintendo, even without the official license of the book.

Frank Herbert’s Dune: Ornithopter Assault, this is the original name of the game, it was practically complete (all missions were completable) when the financial problems of Cryo Interactive, the publisher at the time, forced its cancellation. In fact, the developer Soft Brigade worked for nothing, much to the scorn of all its components.

Now the project has been resurrected under the name of Elland: The Crystal Wars. Unfortunately, lacking the rights to Dune, most of the references to the novels have been eliminated. For those wondering, it is a 3D shooter with more than twenty levels and some multiplayer modes that can be used by connecting the GBAs via cable.

The Retro Room Games is a very small publisher who obviously cannot afford to buy the rights to Dune. The intention is to publish Elland: The Crystal Wars for Game Boy Advance, therefore on cartridge. To succeed, a Kickstarter campaign will soon be launched, a small preview of which is already visible.

It is currently unclear whether anyone from Soft Brigade is involved in the project. We hope that at least they have been warned.


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