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Thanks to an amendment approved by the Chamber of Commerce, first signed by the Palermo deputy Adriano Varrica, the Municipality of Palermo will be able to recover half a million euros to use to reopen viale Regione Siciliana. The Commissioner for hydrogeological instability will take care of the tender and the works.

Varrica Amendment (M5S)

“Viale Regione Siciliana will be reopened thanks to the funds recovered with an amendment to my first signature approved in Parliament”. This was announced from Rome by the deputy Adriano Varrica of the 5 Star Movement.

“Last July – explains Varrica – considering the difficulties of the Municipality, I involved the commissioner for hydrogeological instability, Maurizio Croce, for the realization of the reopening of the ring road.

Reopening by March 2022

“With this rule and thanks to the work done in recent months, we will be able to start the tender for the works that should allow the reopening of viale Regione Siciliana in the first quarter of 2022. In the absence of this regulatory intervention – concludes Varrica – the cap that currently limits vehicular traffic would have remained in place for at least another year. As Movimento 5 Stelle Palermo we will continue until the last day of our mandate to build solutions for the city and to serve ”he concluded.

A year ago the closure

The section of the ring road has been closed to traffic for almost a year. The Administration opened this construction site “in extreme urgency” in November 2020. This is the consolidation of the Mortillaro canal.

Works on which, in recent months, there has been a certain discord between the Municipality of Palermo and the Basin Authority of the Sicilian Region. Even the cameras of Strip the News, with Stefania Petyx and her dachshund to point out the very long times (also due to a collapse under viale Regione).

The duration of the intervention, the total cost of which is 250 thousand euros, was estimated in just 2 months. Almost 12 have already passed. In short, a disaster. Now finally the turning point. The tender and the start of the works are awaited.


Turn cork Viale Regione Rome thousand euros reopen road BlogSicily

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