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October 22, 2021 12:57 pm

The president of Fnomceo Filippo Anelli: “It is necessary to put an end to the climate of hatred against science and health workers”

Cicconetti to the microphones of Radio Cusano underlines the great effort that the pharmacies are making despite the lower cost a 15 euros for tampons. Price that is tight since the management, disposal and time costs we employ in data entry are considerable “.

The latest episode of threats against pharmacists was the one received via Twitter by the president of Federfarma, Marco Cossolo. A fact that was also contested by the president of the National Federation of the orders of doctors and dentists, Filippo Anelli, which states as needs “put an end to the climate of hatred against science and health workers“. Anelli expresses his solidarity with Cossolo and observes:” The pharmacies he represents are an important garrison for health. “” They must be rewarded with gratitude, and not with these intimidations, which they convey to the easiest target and the anger that arises from fear of what is unknown is accessible. The solution is found together with a welcoming and constructive dialogue “, he concludes.

The president of Assofarm also joins the chorus of solidarity, Venanzio Gizzi, which “categorically condemns intolerable gestures, which have nothing to do with the civil life of our society”. “Municipal pharmacies unite around President Cossolo for a heartfelt solidarity. And they will continue in their offer work to meet the needs of citizens “.

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