‘RADIO PENSIERI’, PRUZZO: “Against Napoli there must be a Rome up to par” – Forzaroma.info – Latest news As Roma calcio – Interviews, photos and videos

‘RADIO PENSIERI’, PRUZZO: “Against Napoli there must be a Rome up to par” – Forzaroma.info – Latest news As Roma calcio – Interviews, photos and videos
‘RADIO PENSIERI’, PRUZZO: “Against Napoli there must be a Rome up to par” – Forzaroma.info – Latest news As Roma calcio – Interviews, photos and videos

Here are the opinions of the protagonists of the Roman radio stations

That of roman radio it is a phenomenon that has no equal in the rest of Italy. A plurality of stations to serve as a platform, a group of journalists, former footballers and commentators to animate the show. Here are the opinions of the protagonists of radio broadcasters.

Roberto Pruzzo (Radio Radio Mattino 104.5): “If you let Napoli play, with the quality it has it makes you a head like this. It will take a Roma up to the occasion, trying to recover all possible players. The coach must be good. “

Xavier Jacobelli (Radio Radio Mattino 104.5): “There is a need for clarification between Mourinho and the company, because there have been errors of assessment. Even changing nine out of eleven players didn’t seem like a winning choice. Depending on the result with Napoli, many things could change, but it is difficult to think that a team that has come out so broken from Bodo’s away match could be favored. Napoli is clearly the favorite. “

Furio Focolari (Radio Radio Mattino 104.5): “At 3-1 the match against Bodo could still be resumed, and you had several starters on the field. The serious thing is Mourinho’s statements. He says the fault is his because he put on the ‘blowjob’. But how dare you? With Napoli we don’t have to think about the cup. They played the second lines as the coach said, it’s a different game that Roma can win. I want to see it as a match beyond what happened in Norway. “

Stefano Agresti (Radio Radio Mattino 104.5): “What he said is unacceptable, he cannot unload half a team with a season to play. Now the one with Napoli becomes a watershed match, which risks much less. So far Roma have beaten the weakest teams, losing instead to those that should be at their level. “

Ilario Di Giovambattista (Radio Radio Mattina 104.5): “I am getting a very clear idea of ​​what happened last night in Roma. There is a culprit, and it is Mr. Mourinho. I am in love with him, I am fascinated, but here he is doing everything wrong. He broke the locker room. , indicating that the young people are scarce and not up to par. A mistake he should not have made. He has created an atmosphere of such distrust around these young people that they cannot do anything. Instead he should have worked harder to improve them. The property is annoyed. and also poisoned towards Mourinho. His gesture of changing the whole formation is ugly, Bodo has been underestimated “.

Roberto Pruzzo (Radio Radio Mattina 104.5): “Mourinho yesterday made an error of assessment because he put all the ones he does not want together, but even when the owners came in, things did not improve. There was no reaction. If we go to the singles, few can exceed 3. in the report card. Unprecedented sports tragedy, and on Sunday there is Napoli … “.

Nando Orsi (Radio Radio Mattina 104.5): “Mourinho is doing almost as Lorenzo did in Lazio. He can’t talk about reserves like that, because you have to take everyone into consideration for good or bad. Yesterday, however, I scored some absurd goals, all pocketed. It’s not just a question of players, the attitude is also wrong. “.

Mario Mattioli (Radio Radio Mattina 104.5): “Knowing the character of Mourinho, If you change nine elevenths you also lose with Casalotti’s Primavera. Plus, he is demolishing them in words. It is a clear sign that Mourinho wants to give the club for the transfer market. I have seen Kumbulla trudge along. on the fourth goal, he looked like a dopolavorista in front of the professionals. “

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