Milan, attack on Old Fashion: Daspo Willy to the trapper Simba La Rue – Chronicle

Milan, attack on Old Fashion: Daspo Willy to the trapper Simba La Rue – Chronicle
Milan, attack on Old Fashion: Daspo Willy to the trapper Simba La Rue – Chronicle

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The trapper Simba La Rue, at the registry office Mohamed Lamine Saida, will have to stay away for 18 months from the bar, discos and clubs in Milan. Also for the 19-year-old Tunisian artist, who grew up in the Como area Merone, the commissioner Giuseppe Petronzi ordered the so-called Daspo Willy, that is to say the measure that takes its name from the twenty-one year old Italian-Cape Verdean chef Willy Monteiro Duarte victim of a ferocious beating that took place in Colleferro on 6 September 2020 and which prevents recipients from attending all places of public entertainment. The measure builds on the same raid it had involved as well Rondo da Sosa alias Mattia Barbieri, the leader of the Seven Zoo collective met at Palazzo Marino on 15 April by the mayor Giuseppe Sala to talk about the problems of the neighborhood San Siro, and Baby Gang alias Zaccaria Mouhib, in turn banned from all clubs (Milan for the first and the entire metropolitan city for the second) until August 2023.
We are talking about the attack that took place on July 12 in front of theOld Fashion of viale Camoens, inside the Sempione park. According to what was later reconstructed by the agents of the Mobile Squad, led by the manager Marco Calì, at 3.20 Rondo and some friends had tried to enter the disco, but had been rejected by the security men due to some violent episodes in which they had become protagonists in the past. After a few minutes, it appeared out of nowhere Baby Gang, resident to Sondrio and currently domiciled in the Kayros community of Vimodrone, who had threatened the owner Roberto Cominardi and the security officers with retaliation; then, backed by about thirty people (most with their faces covered by hoods), he started throwing stones. In the meantime, another trapper had left the club, Laioung, in turn targeted by the gang and forced to return in a hurry after taking a couple of punches. In August, the first batch of complaints had arrived. In addition to Barbieri and Mouhib (recipient in the summer also of a life sheet from five municipalities of Romagna for the chaos caused by his fans in Riccione after a canceled concert), the investigators had denounced: the thirty-one-year-old Albanian ET, resident in Vignate, already suspected of a robbery in competition with Baby Gang and of having fired several gunshots during a fight; the 25-year-old Senegalese AF; the 24-year-old native of the United Arab Emirates SAG; the nineteen year old with a clean record PN For all, the Daspo Willy was taken, with variable durations depending on the individual responsibilities ascertained by the police. Now it was the turn of Simba La Rue: according to the outcome of the investigation, he too was among those who threw stones at the entrances of the Old Fashion that night, putting at risk the safety of the vigilantes and the customers of the disco.
So they rekindled once again the spotlight on the phenomenon of youth gangs linked to the rap music scene, which exploded on April 10: that afternoon, in fact, 300 boys, summoned via social media by Baby Gang and Neima Ezza, had gathered in via Micene to act as a backdrop for a video clip, without masks and with zero spacing even though we were still in full second pandemic wave. The intervention of the police after the escape in the nearby piazzale Selinunte had been greeted by insults (“This is our area, go away”) and by the throwing of stones, sticks and bottles at the departments in anti-riot gear. A few days later, searches and complaints were carried out.

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