Dzeko: “Here to win. Inzaghi sincere, Lautaro super ”. Background on the arrival

Dzeko: “Here to win. Inzaghi sincere, Lautaro super ”. Background on the arrival
Dzeko: “Here to win. Inzaghi sincere, Lautaro super ”. Background on the arrival

The Bosnian striker’s words exclusively to the Gazzetta: “To win you need players who think about the team”

Alessandro Cavasinni

22 October

After last night’s preview, here are the rest of the statements by Edin Dzeko, interviewed by Gazzetta dello Sport. “I knew I was arriving in a great club, I had the goal of making myself appreciated immediately. I just wanted that, then the rest was done by the champions I found here”, says the Bosnian.

With the Sheriff, in chronological order: goals, decisive retreat in defense, assist to Vidal. Now put them in a row, these three gestures.

“The goal is extreme joy, what people always expect from me. But precisely because I am a striker, that defensive race was given prominence: that’s right, if you don’t win the goal scored, it’s of little use.” .

Inter are a goal machine, a continuous production of chances. Is it the most attacking team you’ve ever played on?

“Yes, together with City with Mancini. We attack with many men, we are very proactive, we have also seen it in the Champions League. And this is why we collect more goals than we should: here we have to grow.”

You against Chiellini. Is he the strongest defender you have met?

“In that position he is one of the best of the last ten years, for Juve he is decisive. With him he is heavy, he is tough. He always sticks to him, even too much … Against Chiellini I scored my first goal in Italy, but many Sometimes he left me dry. Well, for Sunday I can do without it: I would like to win even without scoring. “

Is the -7 from Napoli a gap that reflects the value of the two teams?

“They have won them all, well done to them. But a nothing, a spark is enough to get back up there”.

And to think that this match could be experienced in the black and white jersey … Why did the deal jump?

“First thing: I don’t look back, I’m happy at Inter and stop. Second: it was Roma that spoke first and made an agreement with Juve, I didn’t even know about the negotiation, I only entered the scene later. Roma did not find my replacement “.

What is left inside you, of the captain’s armband case at Roma?

“I didn’t like many things, many people disappointed me. But I prefer to think of the wonderful six years I spent there”.

“I would have liked to win something, especially in the second year we had a very strong team, but then it is difficult to succeed if you sell the most important players every time … Now I have come to Inter precisely to fill this gap, I want to give my contribution to Winning. Doing so, however, is never easy: if Inter had kept Conte, Lukaku and the same players as last year, a new Scudetto victory would not have been granted anyway. “

Would you have liked a little bit to be coached by Mourinho?

“Actually he trained me, for a month. To tell the truth: I had fun, Mourinho is Mourinho, always. He is in private just like he is in public. With him there is everything: he knows how to joke and get angry. They were very nice training sessions. and the team had fun. “

Instead, tell us about the call from Inter.

“Do you know who phoned me? Kolarov. It was he who told me that Inter were interested, that there was the possibility of a transfer:” Here they want you, come “. And here I am.”

They paint Inzaghi as an older brother to you: is that true?

“Yes, he is. But he is also very sincere and direct: he always tells the truth, both when it is pleasant and when it is not. And this is what we expect, because the truth is always good: if someone does not tell you things. as they are you can never improve “.

Inzaghi had experienced him as an opponent in the derby: did you find him as he expected?

“I expected it exactly like this. Also in the way of playing because I was struck by the quality of Lazio. I immediately thought:” If we play in the same way here, I will have a lot of fun “.

Inter will win on Sunday because …: complete the sentence.

“(he thinks about it for a while) He will win if he can prove that he is Italian champion. If all the players contribute not for themselves, but for the team. If we think about winning in every possible way: with an offensive strategy or defensive, it matters little. You just need to win. “

You played with Aguero: How does Lautaro resemble him?

“In the fact that he is Argentine … Seriously, Lautaro is very young and strong and has room to improve a lot. I feel great with him: he is not only a great player, but also one who thinks about the collective good. , with every goal he rejoices as he did. You need these players to win. “

He is already at 6 goals in the league, last year he finally reached 7: what has changed?

“I have not given the best version of myself. But there were also many external factors that influenced”.

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