his remains found in Florida. The truth perhaps in a notebook

his remains found in Florida. The truth perhaps in a notebook
his remains found in Florida. The truth perhaps in a notebook

Turning yellow on the death of the 22-year-old New Yorker Gabby Petito. The human remains found in Florida, in a natural park in the Tampa region, are those of Brian Laundrie, Gabby’s 23-year-old boyfriend suspected of being the killer of the girl, found strangled last month inside the Teton National Forest in Wyoming. The identification of the remains was communicated by the FBI. The two boyfriends were on vacation and were making a road trip through various US states.

Gabby Petito, human remains found near boyfriend’s items

Gabby Petito, the remains of Brian Laundrie found in Florida

The discovery of human remains was made during Laundrie’s searches in an area of ​​North Port’s Carlton Reserve that until recently was submerged by water, a swampy area inhabited by several species of snakes and alligators. Hence the difficulty encountered by coroners in identifying the victim. The contribution of the boy’s family, which actively participated in the research, is also fundamental for recognition. The remains lay near the place where some items belonging to Laundrie were found, including a backpack, a notepad and some clothes. Also nearby is the skeleton of a dog. “The odds that these are Brian’s remains are very high,” admitted the Laundrie family’s attorney, Steven Bertolino.

The manhunt

Thus ends the real manhunt that began after the discovery of Gabby Petito. It remains to be seen if the boy committed suicide or if the causes of death are other. The truth could be contained in the notepad which, according to media reports, is heavily deteriorated but could be partially recovered. The investigators from the beginning have linked Petito’s death to the relations that have become very tense between the two boyfriends, as also emerges from some videos shot during the trip, including that of the agents who had stopped them. Once Gabby disappeared, Brian had returned to his family in Florida, but refused to speak to investigators and then decided to go into hiding. Traces of him had been lost since 13 September. The only indictment currently facing him is that of using two of Gabby’s credit cards after the girl’s death.


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