“I don’t give a damn about it … the fascist gods.” Feltri show at the first Milan City Council Video

Giampaolo Mannu
October 21, 2021 7:11 pm


“If the salute is Roman it is not fascist, because the Romans were already there 2,000 years ago. I give a damn about the fascists.” Vittorio Feltri begins his adventure at Palazzo Marino with the over-the-top style that distinguishes it.

Libero’s editorial director has declared that he does not want to sign the anti-fascist declaration that Giuseppe Sala would like the city councilors of Milan to sign. “The mayor has withdrawn this nonsense (of the declaration of anti-fascism to be signed by the municipal councilors, ed). Before even starting my business, I have already achieved a victory. said.

And when a journalist presses him and explains that the signing of the document has only been postponed by Mayor Sala, Feltri replies that he will not sign the same: “I have a life of 78 years which shows that I have always respected the Constitution, the fascists do not I’ve never fought because there aren’t any, “Feltri goes on. At that point the chroniclers ask the Fdi exponent if he could change his mind if the declaration were against all totalitarianisms.

But Feltri does not move: “What need is there – his reply – I have always been against totalitarianisms. All my journalistic activity proves it. I have never been in favor of totalitarianisms, especially communist ones, but it is only those I liked fascists or Nazis “. For Feltri the question is “nonsense. We are still here to bother with totalitarianism and anti-fascism”.


dont give damn fascist gods Feltri show Milan City Council Video

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