If you want an iPhone 13 for Christmas, you should buy it now

There are 65 days to go Christmas, but if you want to do a regalo tech to someone (or make it yourself), you better buy it now. Especially if you want to give a smartphone as a gift, even more so if the phone is a iPhone: the chip crisis and the COVID already today they are putting all producers, large and small, including Apple in difficulty, and new reports do not bode well for the next two months: it will be more and more difficult find on the market, at fair prices, mid-range and high-end smartphones. iPhones included.

In a report by JP Morgan, signed by Samik Chatterjee and viewed by AppleInsider, the analyst expects a bottleneck important in the supply of the photo modules for the iPhone 13, which will force Apple to slow down production despite the very high demand for this smartphone. The problem, according to Chatterjee, would be caused by the new ones restrictions in Vietnam due to the pandemic. For the busy quarter of holiday shopping, the analyst now expects iPhone sales of 78 million units, down from Apple’s 82 million forecast due to supply difficulties. This will translate into 6 billion less revenue for Apple and in longer waiting times for deliveries.

IPhone 13 sale: the current situation

Currently the delivery times of iPhone 13 standard on the Italian market, purchased on the official Apple website, are acceptable: for all colors, for all memory cuts, there is a guaranteed delivery between 29 October and 3 November.

Per iPhone 13 Pro, again on the official website, the delivery times they already go up by three weeks: November 22-29, for all colors and all cuts of memory. Similar times for the iPhone 13 Pro Max: November 22-29.

its Amazoninstead, we already see very different delivery times based on color and memory size: iPhone 13 Product Red, for example, is no longer available in the 128 GB size while in the other colors it goes from immediate availability for models from at least 256 GB to “Generally shipped within 1-2 months“for the cheaper 128 GB models.

Also on Amazon, the iPhone 13 Pro models are all in delivery in 1-2 months, apart from the gold colored one that will be available at the beginning of December, with delivery on the 9th. Delivery times definitely at the limit for an iPhone 13 Pro Max 128 GB Sierra Blue: from November 19th to December 22nd.

iPhone 13: buy now or wait?

The our advice it is clear and clear: if you are going to give or give yourself an iPhone 13 for Christmas, then buy it now. For two reasons: the first is that this situation it can only get worse as we approach the holiday season, the second is that the price will not go down certainly. Therefore better buy it now and put it in a drawer, giving up a few weeks of guarantee, and then unpack it under the tree.

Ma which iPhone 13 to buy? Prices and characteristics of the individual models are now known to all, there is to think about colors and memory cuts. Here are the combinations that, at the moment (and could vary in a very short time) have the greatest availability on Amazon e i shorter delivery times.

Apple iPhone 13 mini (128GB) – Rosa

Apple iPhone 13 mini (256GB) – Midnight

Apple iPhone 13 (128GB) – Azzurro

Apple iPhone 13 (256GB) – (PRODUCT) RED

Apple iPhone 13 Pro (128GB) – Oro

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max (512GB) – Oro

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