Pensions: multiple shares, one or none. All hypotheses in the majority risk

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The risiko pensions. With odds that multiply and reduce with the passing of the hours. This is the one in which the confrontation in the majority and in the government after Quota 100 risks transforming itself. And which will have to be translated into a final summary in time for the forthcoming launch of the budget law, net of further adjustments to be discussed at the meeting. parliamentary.
The proposal for a Quota 102 in 2022 followed by a Quota 103 in 2023 to close a transition of only two years before returning to the Fornero law (and previous provisions) in its full version, which was developed by the Ministry of Economy, the Lega does not like it, nor do the unions. And it is not entirely convincing Pd, Leu and, at least in part, even the five stars. Hence the tight negotiation to try to correct the course. And among the last options on the table is the one, not unwelcome to the government technicians, of a slightly longer transition (three years) with an intermediate passage in 2023 at Quota 103: exits with at least 66 years of age and 38 of contributions . But even this hypothesis does not like the League, which as a minimum objective seems to have that of eliminating at least Quota 104 from the field.

The probable Maginot line of the Carroccio on “fixed” altitude 102

In the next few hours, the Lega working group, led by Claudio Durigon, should present an alternative proposal to the government and other forces of the majority. The Maginot line could be represented by Quota 102 (retirement with 64 years of age and 38 of payments), which could perhaps be digested by the Carroccio in a “fixed” version (without going further) and if accompanied by extensive exceptions to allow more soft to precocious workers, to those of SMEs and other specific categories of the private sector.

The pressing of the Democratic Party on “burdensome” and the female option

The Democratic Party, Leu and also the trade unions are pushing to obtain greater protection for workers engaged in heavy-duty activities, also through an extension of the social Ape, as indicated by the Technical Commission set up by the Minister of Labor Orlando, which at the moment does not seem be part of the government “grid”. From which the female option is also absent. It is precisely the extension to 2022 of the possibility of retirement for female workers aged 58 (59 if “self-employed”) and 35 in payments, taking advantage of a totally “contributory” check, and inserted among the priorities of the Democratic Party and the trade unions.

From trade unions “no” to shares

The unions continue to ask the government to be summoned before the maneuver to have their say. CGIL, CISL and UIL are against the quota system and are calling for an overall reform of the social security system to pave the way for real flexibility in exit.

The resource constraint

The room for maneuver to modify the Mef package, however, appears limited due to the limited dowry indicated in the budget planning document approved by the Government: just over 1.5 billion in three years, starting from 600 million in 2022. A dowry that could however, overall, approaching 2.5 billion with the possible use of savings deriving from the lower expenditure incurred for some social security measures launched in recent years.

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