Vaccines, third doses: here are the Regions where reservations are open for over 60s

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To boost the campaign to administer the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine. Evaluate the enlargement of the audience of those who will be able to benefit from it (by job sector and age group), perhaps as early as the end of the year. These are the indications that emerge looking at the statements of the last days of the Covid emergency commissioner Paolo Figliuolo and the government, starting with the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza. Who is unbalanced on the times – like the Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa – predicts that the extension of the third dose could take place between the end of the year and the beginning of 2022.

The categories concerned

The first categories for which the third dose was authorized were those, starting from September 27, immunocompromised (transplant, cancer and autoimmune patients), over 80, guests and staff of assisted healthcare residences (Rsa) and healthcare professionals with priority over those over 60 or vulnerable to severe Covid-19.

A new circular ofOctober 8 has expanded the audience to over 60 and hyperfragile subjects with pathologies ranging from respiratory to neurological diseases and various forms of disability.

Regional differences

The Regions have moved at different times. Almost two weeks after the go-ahead for the over 60s, the situation is varied. There Lombardy opened the bookings of the third dose to health and social health workers “without age differentiation” on Monday 18 October, while on that same date the Piedmont has already started bookings for the over 60s. From Saturday 16 October, even the over 60s in Tuscany they can reserve the “booster” dose. Bookings for this age group started in Puglia from 13 October, in Lazio on October 10. The day before, the Region had announced that it was ready to go with the “booster” dose for health workers.

“For the administration of the third dose of the vaccine we will not follow the age groups” is the plan announced by the governor of Campania, Vincenzo De Luca in early October. “We can do the elderly, the frail and then gradually those who took the first dose months ago,” he added.


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