Accidents at work, 22-year-old worker dies crushed in a logistics warehouse near Bologna

The streak does not stop white dead in Italy. The latest accident dates back to 21 October, when a 22-year-old worker from Guinea Bissau was crushed to death by a truck at the Interporto di Bologna, the logistics center based in Santa Maria in Duno of Bentivoglio.

According to the first reconstructions, the young man was an employee of the transport cooperative Meters: he was at work in a warehouse of the transport company Sda Express Courier in block 13.4 when, around one in the morning, he remained stuck between a bulkhead of the goods loading / unloading point and the heavy vehicle parked alongside. Apparently, in the accident the young man reported the breach of the rib cage and is died instantly. On the spot, in addition to the 118 health workers, the carabinieri of the Molinella company and the personnel of the occupational medicine intervened. The dynamics of the event have yet to be ascertained. “I am saddened and saddened. Now we have to understand how it happened, ”he said Sergio Crespi, general manager of the Interport of Bologna.

“Still a young broken life, still dead at work. Enough. In expressing pain and dismay and hoping that the judiciary will clarify the causes of the fatal accident, we appeal to all the political forces present in Parliament to approve the law establishing the National Employment Prosecutor’s Office, which can also carry out a preventive action, eradicating that sense of impunity which in itself feeds illegality “. This is the comment of the senators of the 5 Star Movement members of the commission of inquiry on working conditions in Italy. “We expect unity and responsibility from all political forces. This is one battle for dignity to protect life, which does not admit divisions. This daily massacre must be stopped ”. they concluded.

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