Turin, slaps and abuse among middle school pupils: the TV series Squid Game under accusation

There is a scene, at the beginning of the Squid Game TV series, where a man wins money if he can turn a card on the ground by hitting it with another card. Whoever succeeds wins money, whoever loses gets a slap in the face. Something similar they had done in a middle school, where the challenge was to try to overturn pencil cases and rulers and the boys were slapping each other.

“We were playing Squid Game”, confessed a boy to his mother who turned to the Carolina Foundation, active against cyberbullying and the risks that children run due to the wrong messages they receive from TV and the internet, born in memory of Carolina Picchio, the fourteen year old who committed suicide in Novara after being the victim of sexual harassment and cyberbullying.

The association has now received dozens of reports since the Korean fiction broadcast by Netflix became popular, in which 456 adults are involved in a series of children’s games, from tug-of-war to “one two three stars”, and they are punished with death if they fail. Three of these complaints come from Piedmont. In one case a boy was punished with a slap in the face for losing a game, in another case a child who refused to take part in the game was knocked over the window.

The Squid Game business card that invites new players with

Starting from these reports, Fondazione Carolina has launched a petition, appealing to the AgCom and the Guarantor of childhood and adolescence, to block the viewing of Squid Game. “We consider ourselves a propositive reality – explains the secretary general of the foundation, Ivano Zoppi – but in the face of the dismay of parents and nursery school teachers, good intentions are not enough, concrete action is needed and the only possible solution seems to be censorship. Someone will turn up their noses, but now it seems the only possible tool to defend the principle of safety of minors “.

The series is “not recommended” under the age of 14, but not all families have entered parental control and in any case on social networks Squid Game videos and memes swarm, which in fact pass violent messages even to those who have never seen the series. So much so that even in a nursery school there have been cases of children frightened by comrades who imitated killings. “Yet by law, those under the age of 14 should not even use social media – attack from the Foundation – but parents are the great absentees of this problem”.

“On the Change.org platform it is possible to sign the petition to block this content, which is deadly for younger and more fragile users – reports Zoppi – As Fondazione Carolina we have already activated with the AgCom, while we asked to meet the Guarantor for childhood and adolescence to represent the hardship experienced by many families in the face of this phenomenon “. An extended appeal also to the Parliamentary Commission for Childhood and Adolescence.

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