Forza Nuova, Fiano (Pd) in the Chamber: “In fascism the offices of the trade unions were attacked, don’t pretend you don’t remember. It must be dissolved”

“Some interpretations, according to which in the Senate the Democratic Party would have reduced the strength of its request to the government for the dissolution of Forza Nuova and the fascist parties are false”. He made it clear Emanuele Fiano, of the Presidency of the Pd Group to the Chamber, presenting the motion presented by the center-left after the assault on the headquarters of the CGIL. “Nobody pretends to derelict what happened in Rome, not knowing that if you attack the headquarters of a trade union you are attacking the constitution of the Republic founded on work “, he said, explaining that” the Democratic Party and all those raised in democratic and peaceful anti-fascism have been asking for it for years dissolution of this force and of the other fascists existing in the country ”. “Nobody pretends not to remember that it was in Fascism that the offices of newspapers, parties and gods were attacked labor unions“, he added. The request arrives in Parliament now, Fiano explained, “because that attack goes beyond any limit”. “Our political address to the government, even more so after Rome – concluded the deputy dem -, is to do it according to the laws you choose, dissolve the fascist organizations, dissolve Forza Nuova”.

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