Euroleague, Milan-Asvel 73-72: fifth win out of 5 for Olimpia

Euroleague, Milan-Asvel 73-72: fifth win out of 5 for Olimpia
Euroleague, Milan-Asvel 73-72: fifth win out of 5 for Olimpia

Olimpia continues its European march without defeat, but in the first half against the French they were down 40-26

With pride, courage and a bit of luck, Olimpia continues its splendid winning march in the Euroleague. He retains the unbeaten run (5 successes spun), I ask for Asvel 73-72 in a dramatic final which he first controls, then undergoes the angry comeback of the men of coach Messina who overtake in the final. Shields is the engine of the decisive recovery, a comeback that also bears the mark of Melli and Hines, in addition to the paws from Ricci’s bow. Okobo’s superlative race is not enough for Villeurbanne.

the match

Some forcing at the start for the AX that suffers the good impact of Jones, 4-7. Try to raise the defensive intensity Milan struggling against the physicality of Fall, 6-12 after a foray by Okobo. Osetkowski also warms his hand but Okobo is always the public enemy for coach Messina’s men, 10-17. A magic by Rodriguez warms the Forum, Datome and Hines bring the hosts back to a single possession at the first siren, 14-17. Howard and Gist strike from distance keeping Milan away as they try to increase aggression in their own half. The former Pana devours himself as much as possible plus 9, the immediate punishment of Ricci who shoots the triple from the corner of minus 4, 19-23. Asvel’s escape continues despite some lost ball too many of the men of coach TJ Parker, 19-28 from Lacombe. The double-digit margin for the guests also arrives, Osetkowski’s bomb, the young Antetokounmpo is also a factor. French in command of interval operations, Okobo’s buzzer beater, 26-40 at interval. The advantage of the guests rises up to 16 after the long break, different faces are those of the Milanese players who show more confidence, 33-44 by Shields. The former Trento is the soul of the red and white comeback, a triple from Melli punishes the defense of the Lyons, 36-44. He bites the troop of Messina that continues the chase, Delaney is a demon on Jones, Datome of pure profession for at least 4, 40-44. French dry for more than 5 minutes, Jones breaks his fast, there is an air of engagement after Rodriguez’s play, 44-45. Inevitable the connection with a sensational triple from Melli right on the penultimate siren, 51-51. Asvel naive and now frightened, the AX puts the arrow with Ricci who exalts the red and white audience, 54-51. Villeurbanne clings to Okobo’s talent who signs the mini partial guest, Delaney replies who brings the hosts back to minus 2, 59-61. Now it is a real battle with the AX that does not give up, Ricci is there but also Kahudi who puts in two spun torpedoes, 62-67. The strength and the class of Shields in the decisive blow from the AX, Hall draws the wild card from three for overtaking, 73-72. There is time for the last transalpine assault, Lighty first from the corner and Kahudi on the rebound put the winning shot on the iron.
Milano: Shields 15, Melli 14, Delaney 12
Asvel: Okobo 25, Jones 12, Kahudi e Osetkowski 6

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