Naples, the council of the newly elected Manfredi: mix of technicians and politicians. There is also Edoardo Cosenza, former councilor with the center-right

Assessors Teresa Armato and Paolo Mancuso for the Democratic Party, Luca Trapanese and Emanuela Ferrante for the 5 Star Movement, the head teacher Mia Filippone deputy mayor. These are the names of the council launched by Gaetano Manfredi for his adventure driving the the municipality of Naples, a council that will be presented tomorrow at Male Angevin and that balances the choices made by the new mayor, starting with Filippone, and those of the parties.

Filippone, deputy mayor, arrives in San Giacomo Palace ready to look to the younger generations of the city, which she knows well given her experience of head teacher of the two most important high schools in the city: the Genoese, in the heart of the historic center and the Sannazaro, the educational point of Vomero. The mayor chose to keep many proxies per se prominent: culture, port, Pnrr, European funding and territorial cohesion, major projects, personnel, organization, decentralization, digitization and innovation. A weighty technician was chosen for the budget, a very hard matter for a municipality with over three billion red: on this armchair he goes Pier Paolo Baretta former undersecretary for economics of the Conte due government who joins the council as a technician, even though he spent his political career in the Democratic Party. The dem then place two assessors: Teresa Armed, former regional councilor with Bassolino and former senator, who will deal with tourism and productive activities, e Paolo Mancuso, president of the Democratic Party and retired magistrate who will follow the environment and the sea.

In the Five Star Movement Ferrante, lawyer, was nominated at regional in 2020 for the Movement and had the Department of Sport and Equal Opportunities. Trapanese, councilor for social policies, is instead the first person in Italy as a single parent to have adopted a child with Down syndrome and has always been involved in social issues, with various associations. On the list are the long-awaited former commissioner of the city Antonio De Iesu, councilor for municipal police and legality, e Edward Cosenza, president of the Order of Engineers of Naples, which takes infrastructure and mobility. He has already been councilor for public works with the center-right regional council led by Stefano Caldoro. From the governor’s team By Luca he arrives Chiara Marciani, who was a regional councilor for the entire first term and now goes to the Municipality to deal with youth and labor policies, while health and greenery go to Vincenzo Santagada, president of the order of pharmacists. Another technician – a Federico II teacher – Laura Lieto, will deal with urban planning.

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