In the end it is still Olimpia! Hall’s triple folds a combative Asvel

In the end it is still Olimpia! Hall’s triple folds a combative Asvel
In the end it is still Olimpia! Hall’s triple folds a combative Asvel

In the end it is Olimpia! Ettore Messina’s team touches -16 and after a sensational comeback the conquest with a great team performance. A triple from Hall was decisive, Asvel misses two conclusions despite a great Okobo.

73-72 the final, 5-0 the record, Delaney on the ground after the siren.


Asvel who closes the lines at the start as expected, Chris Jones who hurts with the 5 points of the French 4-7 at 6.19. Two corrections from below by Fall, but the French in general have easy access to the painted with the outsiders (6-12), Olimpia who, as with the Efes, starts pulling badly (3/12), with Osetkowski saying 8-15 of maximum advantage. Rodriguez shakes up the team with the game of the day for Hines (10-15), 14-17 at the end of the first quarter. 4 by Melli and Hines, 6 by Jones.


Gigi Datome warms up (4 points), but Asvel hits from three with Gist and Howard (16-23), and with Jones responds in isolation to Ricci (19-26). French in control, Olimpia who has no ball circulation, forced to many isolations in post, unable to reach the iron. 19-28 at 4.46, and Messina timeout. The red and white coach tries the card with Ricci and Hines, but it is also a question of trust, such as Shields’ triple miss from the corner and Osetkowski’s response (who then comes out with 3 fouls, the third at least questionable) for 23 -34 to 2.10 of maximum advantage. Fly Antetokounmpo with the dunk of 25-38, Olimpia in prolonged break in a difficult first half and an unwatchable second quarter: there is the debut of Troy Daniels, on the siren it is 26-40 by Okobo. Milan with 5 from Hines, 9/29 from the field, 1/9 from 3. Asvel with 11 from Jones.


Gist with an impossible shot immediately says +16, Delaney responds from the corner, Shields finds two jumpers and the French defense forgets Melli for the triple of 36-44 which at 7.23 forces Parker to timeout. Milan loses two naive balls but defends, Datome supports the 40-44 which is 14-2 of partial (40-44 at 4.37). The Chacho finds the jumper who is 44-45 (18-3 of partial), and at 1.26 the 2/2 of Hines is worth the hook on 46-46. Messina dusts off Ricci from the small forward, Melli finds a spectacular triple for 51-51 after 30 ‘thanks also to Diot’s error.


The Chacho invents for Ricci, and is the first overtaking at 9 ‘(51-51), but Okobo remains a factor with his 19 points which are worth 54-58 for Asvel. Melli reacts, Okobo reaches 22 for the 56-61, Delaney responds on the tip, Kahudi punishes again by 3, Ricci still makes no mistake from the corner (9 for him), Kahudi punishes the defense again with an incredible triple, Shields scores and is fouled. 65-67 in a whirlwind of emotions in the first 6 ‘of the fourth, but Olimpia manages to remain attached to the French restart. At 2.30 Shields hits her with a great triple (69-69), Delaney takes a foul on offense, Shields wins two free throws out of nowhere: 1/2 and then lost after Hines rebounds. Okobo invents the triple overtaking at 90 “, Delaney makes a mistake, Okobo also, Hall at 27” scores for 73-72. Asvel misses two and Milan wins.

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