Covid Great Britain, doctors against government. The reply: “There is no plan C”

Covid Great Britain, doctors against government. The reply: “There is no plan C”
Covid Great Britain, doctors against government. The reply: “There is no plan C”

Rome, 21 October 2021 – Reintroduce the masks and the distancing. The Great Britain peaked, recording a new death record for Covid. And today is theMedical Association to ask the government to take measures to stop the rise of the epidemic curve. For days, the British health authorities have been invoking the so-called Plan B, or rather the return of restrictions – from the green pass to protective devices – in a country that is facing an increasingly threatening growth in infections. The situation is serious and the British Medical Association denounces the “unacceptable” new wave, accusing ministers of being “intentionally negligent” for not wanting to impose the rules. Despite, in fact, in the last eight days the United Kingdom has registered over 40 thousand new positives a day – and yesterday the Minister of Health warned that in winter we could reach 100,000 per day – the government intends to continue with the piano A, ie keep everything open, without the obligation of the mask. “There is no plan C. to ban family reunions at Christmas, said the Undersecretary of Health, Edward Argar, adding that the current pressure on the national health system is “sustainable”.

Covid Uk: boom of infections in London, Draghi calls for caution

Healthcare is under “severe pressure”, admitted Argar, assuring however that this is not the time just to introduce additional measures to control the spread of the virus. The undersecretary then urged the population to get vaccinated to help “relieve the pressure on the health system”. Plan A is still working, he added, stating: “It’s a race between vaccines and their inoculation and the virus. We are still winning this race at the moment but the distances are getting shorter, the advantage is decreasing. So what we owe. doing is a sprint towards the finish line “.

Britain, because the boom of cases

The accusation of the doctors: “Worrying situation”

“The government had said it would implement Plan B to prevent the National Health Service (NHS) from being overwhelmed. As frontline doctors we categorically state that this time has come,” said the president of the NHS. British Medical Association (Bma) Chaand Nagpaul. “By the same admission of the minister of health we will soon have 100 thousand cases a day while already now we have the same number of deaths as in March, when we were in lockdown. incredibly disturbing that the government does not want to act immediately to save lives and protect the NHS “.

When a plan B?

“I know no immediate action is taken to stop the infection “, the Minister of Health warned yesterday, Sajid Javid, there is a risk of “a deep crisis” in the next three months. After two years of pandemic, it is now known: winter does not favor the waning of the virus. And Javid confirmed it: “We have always known – he said – that the winter months they pose the greatest threat to the road to recovery. “But from here, no turning back: “We think the right decision is learn to live with the virus“And faced with the questions of journalists if there will be the obligation to mask, he replied that the government could impose it in the future in some places, but that for now this is not the case.

But if not now, when could the plan B? Despite the surge in infections in recent days, as reiterated in recent days by the Minister of Health, for now the curve of infections and that of deaths – although increasing – remain away from the peaks of the last wave of early 2021. “We are worried” the minister said, but added that the vaccines are working and therefore it is not necessary to move to Plan B, with greater restrictions. Javid admitted that the health system is under pressure, but said he was certain that the situation “is not unsustainable”. The minister urged everyone to get vaccinated against Covid and flu, advising the British to meet outside as much as possible, open windows in indoor meetings and wear a mask in crowded places.

Tony Blair: Act before it’s too late

Britain ” lags far behind ” other European countries on coronavirus vaccination, particularly with regard to adolescents and pregnant women. This was stated by the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to Sky News, defining ” a civic duty ” to get vaccinated. Blair also asked the British government to ”to accelerate the response ” to the pandemic the day after the Health Minister warned that the UK could face ” a particularly harsh winter ”. It would be ” sensible ”, he then continued, take measures to contain infections ”Before it’s too late” and before the pressure on the national health system, which is now ” still sustainable ”, is no longer sustainable.

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