Italy rises to fourth place, Belgium remains at the top

Roberto Mancini’s Italy bypasses England and rises to fourth place in the FIFA ranking. The blues, thanks to the third position reached in Nations League, reach 1750.52 points. In first place remains the Belgium who, despite the defeat in the semifinal against France and in the consolation final against Italy, retains 1832.33 points, twelve more than Brazil which is confirmed in third place.

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Perla di Barella, Chiesa gives the penalty to Berardi: Italy 3ª in Nations League

Spain and Germany go up, England goes down

In fourth position France, fresh winner of the Nations League, with 1770.24 points. The transalpines and the blues are the only teams (in the first five places) to have improved their positions. They lose ground England (which goes down two positions and is fifth), Portugal (which drops to seventh place) and Uruguay, fifteenth with three positions lost. Instead, they improve their ranking Spain (seventh) e Germany (twelfth). The Germans were the first national team to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.


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Mancini: “It will be the match of the year against Switzerland. On Locatelli …”


Italy rises fourth place Belgium remains top

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