New Horizons, Juliana Moreira in the new spot –

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the protagonist of a new promotional campaign with Juliana Moreira and his partner Edoardo Stoppa, chosen by Nintendo after the success of theirs spot per Ring Fit Adventure.

Sales record in Europe, Animal Crossing: New Horizons continues to be pushed with insistence by the Japanese house, which with this episode of the series has really made a bang.

“The Brazilian celebrity most loved by Italians is the protagonist of a subject that rides the theme of nostalgia, in which we see her recreating a special memory of her childhood in Animal Crossing: New Horizons”, reads the press release.

Juliana Moreira con Nintendo Switch

After finding an old photograph of her as a child in a flower field in Brazil, Juliana Moreira picks up her Nintendo Switch console and begins rebuilding the 1989 scene by planting flowers and building roads.

The commercial ends with a family sharing scene, in which, thanks to the versatility of the Nintendo console, Juliana can show her husband Edoardo Stoppa her creation also on TV, to then enjoy together their little paradise of digital tranquility.

The commercial highlights the characteristics of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a truly unique gaming experience that simulates a real life in total tranquility.

Once on a desert island, players have the opportunity to roll up their sleeves to start a new life, making it, over time, exactly as they want: whether it is by decorating their home, making new objects or customizing its appearance, or even sharing all their experiences with friends and family.

In this peaceful corner they can relax without worries, finding a welcoming virtual refuge for all the moments when they feel down in the dumps or overwhelmed by everyday worries. Or, just like Juliana Moreira, digitally recreate special moments or places.

Juliana Moreira con Nintendo Switch

The 30 “commercial, on air from October 31, was entrusted to the production company Cinestudio. The creativity was handled internally by Nintendo itself, while the direction is in the hands of Gian Abrile. The team of Mindshare, Nintendo’s media center Italia, deals with planning on Mass TV, Paid TV, Digital and Video on Demand channels, while Together takes care of all aspects related to the amplification campaign on social media.

“Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a unique and highly versatile gaming experience, which allows gamers to bring whatever they want to life, while giving vent to their imagination and creativity,” says Stefano Calcagni, Head of Marketing at Nintendo Italy.

“After the excellent results obtained with Ring Fit Adventure, we have decided to continue with satisfaction the collaboration with Juliana who, with her sympathy and spontaneity, is able to perfectly communicate the Nintendo Brand, as well as the engaging gaming experience on Nintendo Switch. “

“I am delighted to be able to collaborate with Nintendo again on such a unique video game as Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Besides being a fun and relaxing experience, it really allows you to shape any idea you have in mind. recreating a special moment of my childhood was really exciting, but even more special was being able to share it with Edoardo! ” says showgirl Juliana Moreira.

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