The police charge the students at the Ripetta high school in Rome: batons against the occupants

The police charge the students at the Ripetta high school in Rome: batons against the occupants
The police charge the students at the Ripetta high school in Rome: batons against the occupants

Students beaten by the State Police. A group of very young people was charged by the swift department in riot gear. A 17-year-old boy was injured. The police intervened on the occasion of the occupation of the Ripetta artistic high school in Rome, in the center.

Manganellate to the students of the Ripetta artistic high school. Moments of tension and violence in front of the school gates. There State Police uploaded a large group of young people. The police intervened on the occasion of theoccupation of the central high school in via Ripetta.

The charges against the students: a 17-year-old boy was wounded in the face

This morning, numerous students had gathered in front of the gate of the central office for a garrison of solidarity with the approximately one hundred boys who occupied the school yesterday. The goal was to reach schoolmates within the institution to join the protest and participate in the occupation. In front of the entrance, however, there were waiting for them the vans of the State Police. But the demonstrators did not give up. They stood in front of the policemen with their hands up. Moments of excitement followed, then the agents’ offices started. A student told that a 17-year-old boy was injured after receiving a shield blow to the face by a policeman.

The trucks from the Speedy Department remain guarding the school gate and the students seem determined to stay. The confrontation with the Headmaster has not given good results so far. The occupation started yesterday at 1 pm: young people protest against the school model of Minister Bianchi, for the abolition of staggered hours and to obtain more social spaces in school environments.

Meeting in the prefecture with the students

A student delegation was received in the prefecture. According to what has been learned, the prefect’s intention is to clear the Ripetta high school. The students, on the other hand, want to continue the mobilization and have organized a meeting with other schools at 16.30 to decide how to continue the mobilization.

A student on social media: “A policeman put his hands on my breast, then they took it away”

A student, in an Instagram video posted by the profile of a student collective of the Ripetta high school, said: “I was on the front line when the agitation between the two sides began. I was in front of this policeman who started touching my hips, to squeeze them, to climb on the body, to tell me ‘baby girl don’t hurt, I’ll take care of it’. She started to climb with her hand and put it on my breast “. And she added: “I managed to take his hand and remove it. After a policeman told him ‘maybe you better go away’ and they took him away”.


police charge students Ripetta high school Rome batons occupants

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