Unauthorized charges on the PostePay card, many users involved. How to ask for a refund

Abnormal charges on PostePay, and apparently authorized by Google Play, are many reported by many users in the last ten days.

The method is always the same: an amount that in some cases exceeds 10 euros is charged, but more commonly we speak of a charge of 4-5 euros each, and which is authorized by Google Play, the Android digital store from which they are downloaded new applications.

The movements can be multiple even within the same day: some people have been charged for a total amount of over 100 euros if there was availability on the card. All within a few days. The first evidence of anomalous charges emerged between 8 and 9 October.

Many reports

Those involved stated that they have never made any purchases on Google Play and have not clicked on links, via SMS or email, which they may have redirected to phishing sites, designed to trick card information. of payment.

Contacted by DDAY.it regarding the extent of the matter, Poste Italiane did not respond in time for the publication of this article.

The reports, which took place on Facebook, on Reddit and also in the reviews of the PostePay application on the Play Store, were many and have been going on for more than ten days.

Furthermore, there does not seem to be any difference in the period of issuance of the card: even those recently issued, for example in September, have registered unauthorized charges. This would therefore exclude that the phenomenon is linked to data disseminated online in recent months and then stolen during some IT intrusion.


What to do in case of unwanted charges

Anyone who has registered similar unauthorized charges must report it to the Post Office and file a dispute for each of the illegitimate charges in order to be entitled to a refund.

Poste makes available a special online form that can be presented in a post office, sent by certified e-mail (PEC), by traditional mail or by fax.


Unauthorized charges PostePay card users involved refund

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