Alessia Fabiani unrecognizable at the Rome Film Fest 2021: how the former letter has become

Remember Alessia Fabiani, the former word of mouth letter? She participated in the Rome Film Fest 2021 and on the red carpet she appeared decidedly transformed compared to her beginnings. Here is what happened to it and how it has changed from the debut on TV to today.

Remember the Letters from Word of mouth, the valleys that accompanied Gerry Scotti at the end of the 90s in the conduct of his afternoon game show on Canale 5? To the Rome Film Fest 2021 one of them “reappeared”: it is Alessia Fabiani, which appeared decidedly changed compared to the beginnings. More than 20 years have passed since she made her debut in the world of TV and, despite having reduced her guests to a minimum, there are many who continue to follow her assiduously. Here is how it has become today and the photos that show the transformation from the early career years to today.

Alessia Fabiani yesterday and today

It was 1999 when Alessia Fabiani made her debut on TV in Passaparola, at the time she was just over 20 years old and immediately got noticed thanks to her beauty and her sparkling character. She wore her hair long and dark, had curtain bangs and a perfect lolita style of crop tops, mini skirts and low-rise jeans. Today she is over 40, she is a mother and, although she boasts an enviable physical shape, she has a more mature appearance. The detail that makes it almost unrecognizable? It has revolutionized the color of the hair, now it sports bold platinum blonde shades and at first glance it seems to be another person.

Alessia Fabiani in 2002

Alessia Fabiani in black at the Rome Film Fest 2021

Alessia Fabiani has been participating in the Rome Film Fest for years and also in this 2021 she could not miss the appointment with the long-awaited film event in the capital. He walked the red carpet of the film premiere Caterina Caselli – One Life, One Hundred Lives and for the occasion it has staked everything on total black, appearing very elegant in a dark lady version.

Alessia Fabiani and Gabrile Fiorucci Bucciarelli

Alessia Fabiani and Gabrile Fiorucci Bucciarelli

She said no to sequins, fitted skirts and second skin sheath dresses, this time she preferred a maxi dress with thin straps, generous neckline and flounced skirt by Gabrile Fiorucci Bucciarelli. To complete it all, she chose gold sandals with a stiletto heel and a half-up crop with her hair pulled only on one side with a black rose-shaped clip.


Alessia Fabiani unrecognizable Rome Film Fest letter

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