Silvio Berlusconi acquitted in Siena for the Ruby-ter trial

Silvio Berlusconi acquitted in Siena for the Ruby-ter trial
Silvio Berlusconi acquitted in Siena for the Ruby-ter trial

The acquittal sentence for Silvio Berlusconi as part of the Sienese excerpt of the so-called Ruby ter trial, which saw both the president of Forza Italia and the Sienese pianist Danilo Mariani accused for the crime of corruption in judicial acts. The court, chaired by Simone Spina, entered the council chamber around 5 pm. The sentence was announced shortly before 7 pm.

The fact does not exist: it is with this motivation that the court of Siena has put an end to the judicial affair that has been weighing on the former prime minister for years. The sentence was pronounced by the president of the college Simone Spina after a one-hour council chamber. Absolution with full formula for Silvio Berlusconi, as well as for the pianist Danilo Mariani, who had participated in some dinners in Arcore. The acquittal was confirmed by Silvio Berlusconi’s lawyers.

The prosecutor Valentina Magnini had asked for a sentence of 4 years of imprisonment. This morning, at the resumption of the trial, the defense of the former premier had asked for the partial renewal of the preliminary investigation, also asking to hear three new texts. The people the defense wanted to be heard were Berlusconi’s accountant, Giuseppe Spinelli, the musician Mariano Apicella and Mariani’s wife, Simonetta Losi. The defense of Mariani had also joined the request for partial renewal of the investigation, but the prosecutor had opposed it and had asked that the trial be discussed.

Berlusconi’s lawyers then announced a petition for recusal. After an hour in the council chamber, the judges rejected the request on the grounds that “the mere existence of a statement of recusal may result in the judge’s inability to proceed further in the discussion“. The court then declared the preliminary investigation closed, inviting the parties to the conclusions. After the request for a 4-year sentence for both defendants, the defense arguments of the lawyers with the requests for acquittal

I heard from President Berlusconi a little while ago and he is very relieved, satisfied is happy“, said at the end of the hearing that he acquitted Silvio Berlusconi the lawyer Federico Cecconi. Regarding the possibility that the sentence of the court of Siena could also affect the main trial that is held in Milan, the lawyer Cecconi observed: “This is what I hope. The Sienese one is not another trial, it is a fragment of the main trial, with the accusatory disputes being the same“.

This sentence is the right ending to a process that had to end earlier. The court found our arguments to be well founded“, he has declared Enrico de Martino one of Silvio Berlusconi’s lawyers commenting on the acquittal of the former Prime Minister. The lawyer De Martino then added: “We express great satisfaction for an acquittal with full formula, which affirms the total absence of any element of accusation, which the judges recognized that there was no corruption in judicial acts. I have always had the utmost confidence in the Court of Siena and the sentence issued shows that the judges expressed themselves correctly on the basis of the evidence that emerged during the trial phase.“.

Berlusconi acquitted in Siena in the Ruby ter trial because the fact does not exist. Those who know him have never doubted his innocence. How much mud before reaching the truth!“, wrote the national coordinator of Forza Italia, Antonio Tajani, as soon as he learned of the sentence.

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