Pappalardo (in the square with ‘four cats’) postpones the Thunder operation and the assault on the Quirinale

Pappalardo (in the square with ‘four cats’) postpones the Thunder operation and the assault on the Quirinale
Pappalardo (in the square with ‘four cats’) postpones the Thunder operation and the assault on the Quirinale

ROME – General Pappalardo, did the Thunder operation fail? “Not at all, people do not believe that we have made a report of this type, it is a bomb, idiots ..”.
The “bomb” that the retired general Antonio Pappalardo waves from a box set up in Piazza San Giovanni, under the basilica, is an “arrest document”, a complaint he made to Digos in Rome in which he wrote that “Mattarella is an abusive, like Draghi, like the whole Parliament: now they have to arrest them“. But, general, where are the people you promised to take to the streets? There are yes and no fifty people to listen to her … “On our side we have the act – she answers at the end of the day – now we need the people …”. Eh, in fact, what is missing. And to think that the day had started differently.


LOperation Tuono starts at 2 pm yesterday, a hot Wednesday in Rome. It soon becomes clear that it is a gathering for a few close friends. The problem of distancing does not arise.
“We stay here indefinitely – says General Pappalardo when there are about a hundred people in the square – we are waiting for other people”. The hours go by, but instead of becoming more, the orange vests dwindle. The operation had been prepared in detail, as documented on social media in the previous days. “If we are four cats, there is nothing we can do. But if there are so many of us and if the police and carabinieri do not arrest the squatters, we fire them, because we are the sovereign people ”, he said in a video on the eve of the demonstration. Prophetic: by mid-afternoon there are four cats. But Antonio Pappalardo is not discouraged. How could it? He who arrested Ettore Rosato, put the Montecitorio to fire and sword, fought with Alessandro Di Battista’s father, dragged five hundred people to Piazza del Popolo, where he fainted and was brought by the militants with a procession of cars and motorcycles that not even Jfk .

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At 5.30 pm, when the general takes the stage (“Now our president is speaking, honorable, master”), there are yes and no fifty people listening to him. He wears a light blue shirt, blue jacket, red trousers and an orange bow tie with white dots. “We don’t move until we arrest them,” read the signs showing some people sitting comfortably on the lawn. Pappalardo had promised a procession to the Quirinale to arrest Mattarella. His people are ready to march, ready to follow a carabiniere on leave since 2006, who since last September 27 can no longer be called general because the Arma has decided to remove his ranks. “They removed me from the rank because they are terrified of me – he explains – because I am not kidding. They removed me from the grade because I told the kids ‘take off the mask’. Had I raped his wife… his wife no… Mattarella’s daughter, I can understand: you raped the president’s daughter, we remove you from the rank… ”. Like? “I am considered the greatest officer of the Carabinieri by the Carabinieri and this makes them tremble. They did not understand that I am a different man, full of culture, a musical teacher ”.


He has something for everyone, especially Mattarella, Draghi and Speranza: “They are all abusive. Draghi is a dictator of the new world order and Italy will be called Draghistan from tomorrow“. Someone applauds. “Dear friends, today we could be two hundred people but tomorrow we could find a square with two or three million people…”. There are dozens of plainclothes policemen listening to him. The relationship between demonstrators and law enforcement, by eye, is one to one. He tells of the cold he caught because, without a green pass, they made him dine out. “I cured myself with lemon juice. Did I get Covid? What do I know…”. From the flu to sex. “They told us to have sex at a distance of one meter: I tried but couldn’t. I said to my partner ‘give me a hand’, but I can’t make love within a meter! ”.
Time passes, the sun sets. “I can assure you that there are marshals from the Carabinieri and also from the Police who told me ‘if I have five minutes I will take the first step'”. He is very clear where to start: “Let’s go to the Quirinale to arrest Mattarella!”. The audience heats up. Is the procession finally starting in the direction of the Colle? No, stop everyone, where are you going? Dietrofront: “This is an act that the sovereign people must do– suddenly brakes the general- if there are three million people here then the people go to arrest Mattarella, otherwise I am not going to arrest anyone“. Ah. Stunned faces in the shadow of the basilica. But how, is this the signal for retreat? “We don’t go marching, we stay here until we are millions. The sovereign people await the arrested here, we are not going anywhere. The people stand here and await the arrested here“. Twenty minutes later there is no one left in the square.

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