shock-analysis, what is happening – Libero Quotidiano

shock-analysis, what is happening – Libero Quotidiano
shock-analysis, what is happening – Libero Quotidiano

“The situation worsened”. He admits it Matteo Bassetti looking at the numbers of the coronavirus in the UK. For the infectious disease specialist of San Martino di Genova, in connection with The Air That Pulls, however, there is no need to worry: “We are not faced with anything as difficult as a year ago”. The infections, as well as the deaths and hospitalizations that are knocking out the country led by Boris Johnson, may be the consequence of three different observations.

“The first is that the British started vaccinating in December 2020 – explains a Myrta Merlino on La7 -, therefore the vaccination coverage it may have reached the end of its travel“. At the moment, according to the expert, England should follow Israel’s example and administer the third doses. Then again:” The second consideration is related to restrictions. On July 19th, when the straits are gone, the vaccinated population was 65 percent, perhaps too little. We have lightened them only with 80 and pass per cent of the vaccinated “.

Finally, another important aspect that should not be underestimated: “It is not the best solution to lift the restrictions all of a sudden, you have to get there step by step. Just think of the mask that in England is no longer put anywhere”. And the numbers prove it. Only in the last 24 hours the country registered 50,000 new cases, 8,000 new hospitalizations and 179 deaths, some of them due to the Delta sub-variant. AY.4.2, this is its scientific name, could even be more contagious (we are talking about 10 percent more ed). Let alone for those who, like many British people, have not yet had the vaccine.

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