Covid, infections increase in 7 regions: here are what they are

Although nationally the number of infections is continuing to to decrease for the past 7 weeks, some regions of our country have been witnessing one opposite trend. The Gimbe Foundation pointed this out.

The increase in infections, however, explains the foundation, could also be due to a increase in the number of tampons that are carried out every day, a procedure that with the introduction of the obligation of the green pass has become indispensable for the workers who do not intend to give up their salary but who do not want to be vaccinated. So let’s see what the situation is and in which regions you are registering a increase the number of positive people.

Covid, infections increase in 7 regions

Although at a national level the situation linked to the spread of Covid seems to be turning towards the best, the Gimbe Foundation underlines that in the last 7 days the drop of the new cases it was only of1,9%. The reason can also be found in the fact that in the last week, that of 13 – 19 October, the number of swabs carried out scored a +50%.

However, explains Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Gimbe Foundation, in 7 regions the trend in the number of infections is opposite. In fact, in some territories of our country there is a percentage increase in infections. Here are what they are:

  • Liguria (+14),
  • Umbria (+19)
  • Friuli Venezia Giulia (+114),
  • Campania (+120),
  • Lombardy (+129),
  • Piedmont (+131),
  • Lazio (+156).

At the national level, however, the data, if compared with those of the previous week, show a decrease in infections: 17.870 against 18.209 of the previous 7 days. Also the number of people in home isolation (-9.7%), the number of hospital admissions (-9.1%) and in the terapie intensive (-4,1%).

On average, a occupancy rate of the beds in the medical area and in intensive care of the 4%, figures well below the parameters set by the government for the passage in the yellow zone.

Green pass effect on the population

With the entry into force of the decree that obliges workers to be in possession of the green pass, a tampon boom which registered a + 78.5% compared to the previous week.

In order not to be forced to undergo a tampon every 48 hours, many have decided to do it vaccination: in the last week more than 400,000 injections scoring a +4,7%. However, President Gimbe Nino Cartabellotta specifies that “nell’interpret the effects of the green pass on swabs and new vaccinates, it must be taken into account that each unvaccinated person can undergo up to 3 swabs per week, while to increase vaccination coverage it is sufficient that the number of new vaccinates does not tend to zero “.

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