Dissolution of Forza Nuova, the Chamber approves the motion of the center-left: the center-right abstains

The Chamber of the Chamber approved the motion of the center-left asking the government to act on the dissolution of Forza Nuova and the neo-fascist formations. The center right abstained. There were 225 votes in favor, 198 abstentions and only one against. Green light shortly after also the motion of the center-right: 193 votes in favor, 224 abstentions (including the deputies of the center-left forces) and 3 against. Yesterday, 20 October, the Senate chamber approved the agenda in which the four motions filed by the Democratic Party, the M5s, Liberi e Uguali and Italia Viva on the dissolution of Forza Nuova and presented after the assault on the CGIL last October 9 in Rome, which was attended by the leaders of Forza Nuova, Roberto Fiore and Giuliano Castellino, and other members of the far right. Yesterday, at Palazzo Madama, the motion of the center-right was also approved, which aims to counter “all subversive realities”, “even those of the left”, and to follow up “the investigations of the judiciary” on the clashes and on the assault on the national headquarters of the CGIL. The agenda of the center left approved yesterday politically directs the government to apply the Scelba law, but it is not binding. This means that the executive is not obliged to proceed with respect to what has been decided by Parliament.

Live from the Chamber

The Democratic Party: “No step backwards”

At the beginning of the debate, the deputy of the Democratic Party Emanuele Fiano asked for and obtained the suspension of the work of half an hour. The reason was explained by the group leader Debora Serracchiani: “To arrive at texts that can be as shared as possible”. In the meantime, the Democratic Party has defended the choice made yesterday to transform the motions into an agenda. Senator Dem Dario Parrini, the first to speak at Palazzo Madama the day before, specified that the choice was technical even if, obviously, the agenda does not represent a constraint for the government. “There is an unfounded inference that we had voted on an agenda and not a motion would have weakened our battle. Pure fantasies – declared the president of the Constitutional Affairs Commission and member of the junta for the Regulations of Palazzo Madama -. The agenda and the motion, for the regulation of the Senate, are two acts of direction to the government with the same force of political commitment. The difference between the two tools is purely nominal. And as a matter of practice, when more motions are unified – as happened yesterday with the motions of Pd, M5s, Iv and Leu – technically the resulting document that is put to the vote takes the name of the agenda ».

The opposition of the Brothers of Italy

Fiano, among the first to speak during the discussion, said: “The request of those who ask to oppose any totalitarianism can only find our support, we are always on the side of the Republic against any subversion – he pointed out, with clear reference to the center-right which presented a unified motion against all totalitarianism in general -. But we have in our roots the dictates of the Constitution which indicates in one case only to dissolve a party: dissolve the fascist organizations of the country ». From Brothers of Italy, the deputy Ylenja Lucaselli said: «The events of 9 October are terrible, but the hypocrisy of political ideology must be eliminated. We regret the absence of the Ministry of the Interior, we would have liked to see in Rome the same diligence that was used in Milan, when the headquarters of the CGIL could be attacked by extreme left groups ».

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Dissolution Forza Nuova Chamber approves motion centerleft centerright abstains

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