Afghanistan, Independent: “The Taliban beheaded a young volleyball player in October”. Local media: “False, she died months ago”

Afghanistan, Independent: “The Taliban beheaded a young volleyball player in October”. Local media: “False, she died months ago”
Afghanistan, Independent: “The Taliban beheaded a young volleyball player in October”. Local media: “False, she died months ago”

It is a mystery about the disappearance of a player of the women’s national volleyball team in Afghanistan, Mahjubin Hakimi. In the last few hours, there have been news and denials on his death about a possible involvement of the Taliban which, according to reports Independent Persian, who heard his coach anonymously for security reasons, would have it beheaded in October because he played sports without wearing the hijab. A version that was however denied by Matiullah Shirzad, Director of Aamaj News, a newspaper with correspondents in the 34 provinces of Afghanistan and who spoke to the agency To say. According to the journalist, the girl died in August in circumstances yet to be ascertained, before he Koranic students took power a Acceptance.

The story of the beheading: “Dozens of girls continue to hide”
In the version told by the Persian version of the British newspaper, Hakimi was beheaded by the Taliban in Kabul over the past month. The fact, they say citing his coach, identified for security reasons with the pseudonym Suraya Afzali, was known to the family but decided not to make it known earlier for fears of reprisals.

Before the Taliban came to power, the media pointed out, the volleyball player played for the municipal team of the Afghan capital. Of the players of the youth national team only two have managed to escape abroad, while all the others “were forced to run away and hide”And attempts to find“ help from international organizations and countries have not been successful ”. In recent weeks, about thirty athletes from the Afghanistan national volleyball team had already said they feared violence and reprisals by the Taliban for their sporting activity, asking the international community to help them leave the country. Some of their companions who had instead managed to escape had reported the killing of another player in August of the squad with gunshots.

The version of the Afghan journalist: “The girl died before the arrival of the Taliban”
Completely different is the version told by the Afghan journalist according to which, however, the girl “certainly” was not killed by the militiamen. In confirmation of this there would also be a document which establishes that the death of the young woman took place on 22 of the month of Mordad of the year 1400 in the Persian calendar, equivalent to August 13, 2021, two days before the militiamen arrived in the capital. Shirzad therefore defines “Without foundation” the news that Hakimi was killed by the Taliban for refusing to wear the hijab and for belonging to the Shiite minority of the Hazara. To disprove this version too Miraqa Popal, former chief editor of the national broadcaster Tolo News, now a refugee in Albania. The reporter relaunched a post claiming that the sportswoman “she had committed suicide ten days before the Taliban seizure “, when Popal was” still in charge of the news for Tolo“. Shirzad explains, however, that now it is impossible to confirm that the young woman has taken her own life since the family has not communicated it, also because suicide is still considered a huge taboo.


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