TMW EXCLUSIVE – Bonini on Juventus: “Players like De Sciglio win the championships”


“Players like this, players like De Sciglio, are the ones who make you win the championships in the long run.” The former Juventus has a clear and precise thought Massimo Bonini on the moment of the Juventus winger protagonist with Roma first and then with Zenit. For TMW, Bonini continued: “Group management is fundamental in a team and in this I see enormous merits from Allegri. Whoever enters from the bench, who is not the owner, almost always manages to enter and give his own contribution. De Sciglio is always has been questioned, but when he plays he proves to be useful to the cause, whoever enters and affects always makes a fundamental contribution. Now you can see that he is serene, calm, has confidence. And this aspect is worth 90% for a player. “

Do you see a two-speed Juventus, in the Champions League and in the league?
“There has obviously been a general growth in terms of mentality, in the desire to never give up, to fight even without proposing great football. Now in the championship Juventus cannot even afford to draw, they just have to win. In the Champions League, that’s all. different: the qualification is close but it will be good to finish first, even if, as always, the Champions League is a lottery “.

In this reasoning, the San Siro match against Inter becomes fundamental …
“Absolutely yes. Juventus cannot lose. But Inter also seems to me to be in the same condition.”

A Juventus subscribed to 1-0 victories. Is it an advantage or a limit?
“For the show, perhaps it is a virtue, the fan stays on track until the end of the game … Now it’s okay, I think Allegri also finds it hard to think about anything else. Playing every 3 days there is no time to give a different game or to propose something different to the team “.


TMW EXCLUSIVE Bonini Juventus Players Sciglio win championships

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