Official, Italy surpasses England in the FIFA ranking

Now the official has also arrived. After the last stop for the national teams – which saw the dispute of the UEFA Nations League finals – theItaly passed theEngland in the FIFA ranking, reaching fourth place in the ranking, important in view of draws for the group stage of the World Cup in Qatar.

New FIFA ranking – The movements

Roberto Mancini’s Azzurri now boast 1750.12 points, against 1750.16 points for the national team led by Southgate. Great leap also for the France thanks to the victory in the Nations League: the transalpines fly to the podium with 1779.24 points (earned over 24 points compared to the previous ranking).

In the first place remains the Belgium, with 1832.33 points, approached by Brazil with 1820.36 points. The South Americans failed to defeat Colombia in the qualifying race for Qatar 2022, a success that would have pushed them close to the Red Devils.

A little further down, the important shot of the Spain (now in seventh place) at the expense of Portugal, again thanks to the victory over Italy in the Nations League. Same goes for the Germany, which bypasses the USA and begins to glimpse the top 10 from afar.

It is at the lower end of the ranking, however, that we find some of the most significant movements in this ranking update. Morocco, Russia and Egypt take four places, while Saudi Arabia and South Africa climb seven steps thanks to two victories this month in qualifying races in Qatar 2022.

Two internationals in the second half of the table fared even better, with New Zealand and Indonesia climbing ten places, the best results of the month. Behind them also the Central African Republic and Cambodia, respectively with nine and eight leaps forward.

New FIFA ranking – The top ten positions

This is the top 10 of the FIFA ranking, updated to 21 October:

  1. Belgium – 1832.33 points
  2. Brazil – 1820.36 points
  3. France – 1779.24 points (+1)
  4. Italy – 1750.52 (+1)
  5. England – 1750.16 (-2)
  6. Argentina – 1738,79
  7. Spain – 1687.66 (+1)
  8. Portugal – 1681.73 (-1)
  9. Mexico – 1672.92
  10. Denmark – 1668.98


Official Italy surpasses England FIFA ranking

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