unemployed 31-year-old Roman called victims up to 30 times a day

unemployed 31-year-old Roman called victims up to 30 times a day
unemployed 31-year-old Roman called victims up to 30 times a day

He made the phone number anonymous, so he molested 26 women. She telephoned up to thirty times a day, choosing the victims with meticulousness and attention, even among the neighbors or among the people she had known. During the serial conversations, he used a calm and persuasive tone of voice: but then explicit sexual harassment and even offenses began, referring to the bodies of women reached by telephone.

The nightmare of the unfortunate it is fake when the maniac, a 31-year-old Roman, unemployed, resident in Montesacro, was stopped by the police of the Vescovio police station, which had gathered all the complaints presented by the 26 victims. All women residing in the capital, who had filed a complaint in various police districts and in some carabinieri stations because they had been tormented for months by the anonymous telephone operator who, in addition to harassing them, had also terrified them. Some women, in fact, feared that the man might also show up at their home.

The analysis of the telephone records of the traffic entering the smartphones of the persecuted, together with the location of the apparatus from which the calls originated, led the detectives of the Vescovio police station directly to the doorbell of the handle to notify them of the election of domicile and the complaint on the loose.

The 31-year-old defended himself with the agents, declaring that he could not contain the urge that drove him to harass them.

The story brought to mind that of “Doctor death”, another unknown telephone maniac, who at the end of the 80s (when there were analog telephone exchanges and the printouts could not be traced) plunged dozens of women into terror . The man telephoned the homes of lonely people and, posing as a doctor from the local hygiene office, prescribed a tetanus injection and persuaded the victims to get the shot while they were with him on the phone.

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unemployed #31yearold Roman called victims times day

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