Small tweaks for the BMW M135i

SAME POWER – The German house announces some small adjustments for the BMW M135i xDrive edition 2022. These are updates that do not affect the aesthetics and technical specifications but only the dynamic behavior which, according to the house, has been improved. Under the hood we always find the 4-cylinder 2.0 turbo petrol 306 HP that transmits torque to the four-wheel drive through the xDrive all-wheel drive. However, the horsepower of the powerplant should be able to be better exploited thanks to the changes to the set-up.

REFINEMENTS TO THE SET-UP – The German company has in fact optimized the camber values ​​(the measurement of the angle between the vertical and the center line of the wheel), and adjusted the springs and shock absorbers. Specifically, the camber values ​​for the front wheels of the BMW M135i xDrive have been increased to optimize the absorption of lateral forces when cornering, a new support has been introduced to fix the front suspension arms, and the supports for the towing and control arms on the rear axle have been redesigned. According to BMW, all of these changes should significantly improve dynamic behavior by decreasing roll in corners and making steering more direct. Sporting qualities that are also guaranteed by the mechanical limited-slip differential on the front axle integrated into the eight-speed transmission.

ARTIFICIAL SOUND – A self-respecting sports car must have a nice roar of the engine and so the engineers of the German house have decided to amplify the sound coming from the two tailpipes of the BMW M135i xDrive using the speakers of the stereo system (the engine sound is then artificially amplified).

NEW COLORS – The BMW accompanies the updates of the M135i xDrive with a new range of exterior colors, including non-metallic Sao Paulo Yellow (in the pictures), in addition to the Frozen Orange metallic and Frozen Pure Gray finishes. Customers can also customize the color of their car by choosing the BMW Individual program.


Small tweaks BMW M135i

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