“They paint us as sold” – Time

“They paint us as sold” – Time
“They paint us as sold” – Time

Gaetano Mineo

October 21, 2021

Eventually Forza Italia explodes. The long feud between “sovereignists” and “governists” comes out in the open after the election of the new president of the blue deputies, Paolo Barelli. “A part of the truth is told to Silvio Berlusconi” blurts out Mariastella Gelmini, warning that “I am deeply Berlusconi, but the last season of Berlusconi does not represent me and does not even represent Berlusconi”. The Minister for Regional Affairs is in full internal battle (along with the other ministers) to try to change the party’s skin. From many sides, this is the reasoning credited to Gelmini: until recently sovereignty seemed to prevail now, however, there is space and if Fi wants to try to attack it, it must change. Conversely, the blue minister sees it black. To put it in Gelmini’s own words, “I fear that this party will not have a great future and the paradoxical thing is that this would happen in a season in which for us there is no road but a highway to return to being central” . The tension during the election of Barelli is very high. Fi’s group is split. And as always, the president of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi, thinks to remove the chestnuts from the fire, strategically in Rome to prevent everything from blowing up. Antonio Tajani obviously thanks, because without the presence of the Knight in the capital, with the secret vote requested by the twenty-six parliamentarians, he would have gone under, putting Barelli’s candidacy in the corner. Berlusconi, on the other hand, having smelled the stench of burning, takes the bull by the horns and “his” candidate Barelli, passed by acclamation, while Sestino Giacomoni, the candidate proposed by the “governist” wing withdrew his candidacy.

Barelli, for the record, succeeds Roberto Occhiuto, who leaves his post after being elected president of the Calabria Region. The Gelmini does not give up, meanwhile. A magic circle tells “part of the truth” to Berlusconi, and excludes the Forza Italia ministers from the tables with the President, describes the blue government as traitors “sold to Draghi”. The blue minister is a raging river. An outburst that speaks volumes about the tension that has been animating the Cavaliere’s party for months. “Berlusconi was unable to experience the political season and the events firsthand, if he heard them being told in the closed Arcore and from Palazzo Grazioli” supports the exponent of the Draghi government, convinced that the former premier “did not have a representation honest and transparent about what was happening and not even from his collaborators ».

Meanwhile, the blue “governists” are preparing the strategy. And so the ministers Renato Brunetta, Mara Carfagna and Gelmini herself met in the evening at Palazzo Vidoni to outline the next steps on how to deal with the blue storm. Gelmini, for its part, also has the recipe to get out of quicksand. “If we don’t want Forza Italia to be reduced to a courtyard in which ten people are elected, but we want to get the votes back – he argues – the political line is more that of Mara Carfagna than that of others”. And, explaining, he deals a low blow to the former president of the European parliament: “It is a center-right, moderate, pro-European line, with a culture of government, which Antonio Tajani could represent very well but today he has renounced to represent”.

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