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The Milanese artistic non-profit, based in the central Fabbrica del Vapore (as well as in Via Carlo Farini) opens a new space on the outskirts, in the Corvetto district. We let the director Patrizia Brusarosco tell us about the projects for the new space

Represents the “Natural evolution” of its thirty-year activity, the new space that gives life to the new chapter in the history of Viafarini, a non-profit artistic organization of Milano par excellence, founded in 1991 as a cultural association and a place for the production of ideas, works and exchanges between artists and professionals in the sector. The VIR Viafarini-in-residence offices in via Carlo Farini 35 and the Viafarini Archives at the Fabbrica del Vapore in via Procaccini 4 are now added in via Marco D’Agrate 33, Corvetto-South of Prada area, thus arriving from the center on the outskirts of Milan. “Corvetto is an area of ​​the city with which we had already come into contact, it is a district full of potential”, he tells Artribune Patrizia Brusarosco, director of Viafarini. “The opportunity presented itself to take this space here in which we want to carry on all the activities we have always done as Viafarini”.

VIAFARINI.WORK AT THE CORVETTO DISTRICT is a space of 1,200 square meters used to host artist studios, sets for film productions, multifunctional co-living and co-working areas, with a specific mission: to make this place a space for interaction with schools and the inhabitants of the neighborhood, especially the children. A place of aggregation and training, organizing workshops and activities with a social and cultural vocation. “At the Fabbrica del Vapore we have been working with children for some time, in Corvetto we want to work with the neighborhood schools, contextualizing our activities in this reality”, continues Brusarosco. “We are also establishing relationships and collaboration networks with other realities active in the neighborhood, including Corvetto Academy of Tourism is an association with which we have been collaborating for some time”. At the center of Viafarini’s activity has always been the network of relationships between artists and professionals, a network that also extends to the inhabitants of Corvetto, for a more extensive and inclusive concept of community. “Our new space is a place that will welcome proposals that will come from our archive, a network tool that has always put people in contact, gives birth to projects. Clearly our stylistic code is the artist studios, we have developed them in various ways, in fact in the new space there are artist studios that come from Viafarini “.


The 1,200 square meters of are organized as follows: 400 square meters are used as artist studios dedicated to artistic events organized by the “TreTre” group (Marina Cavadini, Lucia Cristiani, Lorenzo Lunghi, Edoardo Manzoni, Nicolò Masiero Sgrinzatto, Francesca Migone, Ludovico Orombelli, Francesco Pacelli, Adelisa Selimbašić, Pietro Vitali, Vincenzo Zancana); another 400 square meters dedicated to sets for the director’s new film production Virgilio Villoresi, which will also involve young people from the neighborhood schools in the project; finally, the remaining 400 square meters will be subject to an eco-sustainable redesign, converted into multifunctional co-living and co-working areas available to host cultural events of the local communities.

– Desirée Maida

Art events in progress in Milan


Viafariniwork born Milan

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