The stock exchanges today, 20 October 2021. The EU lists close up, Milan shines. Fed: “Growth held back by supply chain problems”

MILANO – European stock exchanges closed positively after a difficult start, while Wall Street moves in no particular order: in the Italian evening the Dow Jones rose by 0.4% while the Nasdaq files 0.1%.

Investors are waiting above all for the three-month season to come to life, which for the moment has offered only a few ideas. Last night the accounts of Netflix arrived, which in the third quarter recorded a profit of 1.45 billion dollars, equal to 3.19 dollars per share, against the 2.56 expected. The data on subscribers is also clearly improving, in which the Squid Game effect seems to be felt, the South Korean series distributed by the platform that is smashing any viewing record in the world. In the penultimate quarter of the year, net subscriptions increased by 4.4 million to 213.6 against the 3.84 million expected by the consensus. Among the quarterly weight, headlights focused on the new numbers of Tesla. In the background, the bottlenecks of global supply chains are moving, which is the same Fed beige book stresses being the main problem for American growth along with the lack of manpower and uncertainties related to Covid.

Based on the information collected in the 12 districts in which the US Central Bank operates, the document indicates that several districts have highlighted a “slowdown in the growth rate due to supply chain disruptions, due to the shortage of manpower and due to the uncertainty about the Delta variant of COVID-19 “. The majority of the Districts indicated” a good trend in consumption “even though” car sales were down due to low levels of stocks and rising prices “.

The great traffic jam of goods that undermines the world economic recovery

by our correspondent Federico Rampini

20 October 2021

European stock exchanges close higher: Milano marks the best performance with the Ftse Mib at + 0.92%, Paris rises by 0.54% to 6.705 points, Frankfurt earns 0.02% at 15,518 points, London advances by 0.06% to 7,222 points. On Piazza Affari there is the takeover bid arriving on Falck Renewables.

In the morning, the markets in Asia closed mainly upwards: Hong Kong earned 1.4%, Tokyo 0.14% while Shanghai it lost 0.2%.

On the currency market, the euro / dollar remains in the 1.124 area while the yen fell to a 4-year low against the greenback. The spread between BTP and Bud opens stable this morning at 105 points. The yield of the Italian 10-year is 0.95%. The new Bitcoin record, which reaches 66 thousand dollars, should also be noted.

Truce for the prices of Petroleum, after the rises of the last few days. The barrel of WTI crude oil for November delivery changed hands at 82.76 dollars with a decrease of 0.24% while the Brent for December delivery was traded at 84.79 dollars with a decrease of 0.34%.

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