what you need to pay close attention to, from today – Libero Quotidiano

what you need to pay close attention to, from today – Libero Quotidiano
what you need to pay close attention to, from today – Libero Quotidiano

Today, Wednesday 20 October, the witch-off of Italian TV has begun with the transition from H.264 encoding in favor of H.265. In this first phase, however, only the format of the transmissions will change, from Mpeg-2 to Mpeg-4. With today a first twenty channels will undergo this passage, starting with Rai – which today will “move” several channels (Yoyo, Rai4, Rai5, RaiSport, RaiStoria, RaiGulp and RaiPremium) – and Mediaset (TgCom 24, Mediaset Italia 2, Boing Plus, Radio 105, R101 Tv and Virgin Radio Tv). To check if the device or smart TV you own is suitable, it is recommended to go to channels 100 and 200: if the message Test HEVC Main10 is displayed all right, otherwise you will need to buy a suitable device (better if with lativù4k certification) . In theory, if you are already receiving HD channels, MPEG-4 broadcasts should also be seen correctly, although retuning may be required.

The first ones are already running fake news such as the news that the EU has chosen to cut frequencies intended for TVs to increase those in support of mobile networks, but the decision to proceed with signal compression and Mpeg-4 encoding is entirely Italian. Furthermore, the standard is already used by several smaller broadcasters as it guarantees a better yield and a certain economic saving. And it is not true that the passage of channels will in all cases be towards HD broadcasts. The switch to Mpeg-4 encoding at different times from region to region is also false.

For example it is also untrue that all old cable boxes or TVs must be replaced, even if prior to 22 September 2018, or that all the models now on the market are suitable for the new coding. And finally, remember the Newspaper, the TV bonus, which some claim will cause environmental damage due to the many devices being scrapped. “False here too, as the TV and decoder will be delivered when the new device is collected, to then be destined for WEEE collection (recovering rare metals and other raw materials) “.

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pay close attention today Libero Quotidiano

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