LIVE READERS – Spalletti: “Decisive match! Osimhen not from the start. Demme, Dries, Manolas or Lobotka are not reserves!”, Koulibaly: “Legia? Watch out for the counterattack!”

Eve of the home match against Legia Warsaw and press conference with Luciano Spalletti who will answer the reporters’ questions from 2 pm in the conference room of the Castel Volturno technical center. Together with the Naples technician he will also speak Kalidou Koulibaly. Everything, of course, to follow with the direct text of

14.10 – If you leave with Koulibaly

Is tomorrow’s race already decisive? You have won so far in every way, what will be needed tomorrow? “They are behind, they start very well, we have already seen it. If they are first in the group it is not luckily, it is because they deserve it, they scored at the last goal with Spartak, but in the last one with Leicester they did a lot good. Tomorrow they will wait to start again, we will not have to give them anything and we will have to score as soon as possible, otherwise we will need patience. With solidity behind us we can win the game. “

Difference in goals scored in the league and cup. “I don’t know, in EL we have taken a lot of them and it bothers me because we have level players behind them, but it is a matter of the team, of the head. We must start to be solid because we know that we can score at any moment in front of the phenomena. We will have to find the same solidity in the championship. It’s another goal. I don’t have many problems, from tomorrow I hope we will find this solidity “.

Are you flattered to be the commander for Spalletti? How is the changing room? “I’m pleased, but we know that everyone is important, we have to give 100%, then the coach asks me for something more, to motivate the others, I was already doing it myself and the coach told me that the team needs this. In the locker room it’s good, when you win it’s easier, we’re doing well and we have to continue like this starting tomorrow. “

Spalletti said that a bit of Koulibaly was needed in every Napoli player. “The important thing that Napoli wins, the rest are dressing room things”.

Is there a desire for revenge after last season? “They are one of the strongest teams I have played in, we missed something last year, many injuries, Spalletti came and told us that we are a group of champions. We have to prove it on the pitch, not in the press. We have to win. game after game, I was right to say last year that it was one of the strongest squads, it is, but we know that after this start everyone will want to win against us even more. “

What is changing in Europe? How much has the Italian school allowed you to improve yourself? “Each country has its own football, in England we find more intensity, racing, they don’t manage the match, we do it more, with Spartak we saw a great Napoli but we were 10, he gave us some lessons on football that We have to play. Tomorrow will be different, they will be very closed, we are ready for anything, to adapt to the football they offer us, the important thing is to win. On the Italian school I am lucky, I learned the language at school not knowing I was coming here, everyone the coaches taught me something from Benitez to Spalletti, for a defender it is the best tactical school, I needed it so much and it made me what I am today, but France and Belgium also count. “

How important is first place to avoid the European play-offs when you are in the Africa Cup of Nations? “The important thing is to qualify, it would be a shame not to go on, we will do everything to be first of course, but let’s not think too far, there are many games before and put ourselves well. It will be in the balance until the last race, then we’ll think about it.” .

On the Florence episode. “I passed, I have companions and a staff who are always behind me, I have received many messages from public figures and I was very pleased. I’m sorry for that boy, but I didn’t sleep for 2 nights, I also thought I was wrong. I’m very sorry, even from Florence they called me to talk to the students and then call this person too and there would be no problem for me to understand what went into his head. The important thing is to continue in this fight, I care a lot . They will have fun, we really wanted to do it with Spartak too. ”

14.30 – It is the turn of Luciano Spalletti

Going forward is a winning signal for the championship too? “It is a decisive match, if we don’t win it will be very hard to stay in the competition. We will bring all possible attention and motivation to this race, there can also be a strengthening in mentality to be tough and continuous in the championship. The squad allows us, we have a number of players who are of a high level, top level, to stay in this competition. “

What kind of turnover will you make for a decisive match? “Talking about turnover is offensive, I’m not talking about it. I’m talking about passing the round, which is different. The squad allows us to do so and if you see it at the beginning of the championship, Meret, Manolas, Lobotka played until the injury, who he plays now it is not by turnover, they are other owners. It ‘sa way of saying? Yes, but that must be changed. Mertens plays because he makes turnover? No, because he is another owner. With Demme is it turnover? “.

Will Juan Jesus be on the left wing with Mario Rui disqualified? “He can also play that role there, with other characteristics, but he is fast, resistant even for raids in the band, I always take all the time for training, but there could be and then comprehensive evaluations will be made with the medical staff for evaluations also scientific on fatigue and so you choose the training to win because we want to win it “.

The goal with Torino was born from a rebound, but first from a lot of football, a lot of work. Is that a clue that it’s your strongest team? “I don’t know, you have to see deep down, there are many traps and many will try to place them. This question needs to be asked again, but the ingredients are all there for a strong Napoli. I was lucky, I had great teams in my The quality in that action on the frontline gives many outlets to win games with an attacking football, we have the tight and then Osimhen in the long run, so we can go with every tactical composition of the opponents without breaking down and I am confident also seeing the training sessions “.

How important is the return of Mertens? “It allows us to have more owners, more certainties, more leaders, he is one of those who takes responsibility, he knows how to do it. We were there waiting for him, we are pleased, like Demme, Lobotka, having so many elements allows us to make up for it. to Zielinski’s problem, for example, that he won’t be in the match. This makes the difference in the length of the championship. “

Free tickets to the Under 14, which game will these children see? “We do not talk to talk, we are serious people, we will go into retreat. Do we spend money to go to retreat, do we go to keep the players away from their families? The players chose to retire, when it was proposed … the captain and the captain have chosen to retire. One of the pitfalls is that someone trains less well, the quality level must also be maintained in training. level squad like all the teams aiming for the Champions League have, there is also the management of these races that can give you a hand to manage the group “.

For Osimhen 16th race in 2 months, twice as many as humans, is this an opportunity to rest? In its place Mertens or rather as a subhead? “There are players who have different muscles from others, especially black players have this potential here, they regenerate quickly to make numbers we don’t expect in racing. Like Koulibaly, which we have always used, then the next day if you ask him to training with the others have no problems. In this case, having a squad like this, you can be a little careful, but there are also other problems. Probably tomorrow can also be the match, but with the quality we have I won’t do it start from the beginning. For Mertens before we talked about quality on the tight first, they close well, and this led them to the top of the group. Both with Mertens dribbling and with Petagna there are useful characteristics with Legia “.

Is pressure psychological fuel or to dribble? “It works like this, if you want to have important successes you have to manage these things, when you tell something then you have to find something else for further reasoning because others study it and absorb the qualities. We must know that the teams we meet are motivated by ours. results and from our ranking and we must be aware and humble to work even more in depth “.

There don’t seem to be any internal problems with her anymore. “Always the intelligence of the players, maybe different things have taken over. They are real professionals, they know their obligations, they are prisoners in showing a commitment, in a group context, it is the group results that make the difference, not those. Individuals. They must know how to coexist, stay together and collaborate, so results are achieved, there cannot be a winning Napoli without team results. Then without the team result, last year even individually there was no market for anyone, what showcases is the team result “.

His Lozano. “He exaggerated a bit, we needed certain qualities, then they started shooting balls in the area and they needed 5 minutes of those tackles, I took it off 1 minute from the end I think, he was sorry but it’s understandable. It was enough to go back to the field to see how he reacted and shared the victory with the others and everything is ok “.

Zielinski at risk for Roma too? “No, as a precaution so as not to put him at risk for Roma. He’ll be in Rome.”

On the lack of respect for leaving the field with reference to Lozano. “As we said, the goal is to win games, then there are also those who have not played, those who have not played for several games, then there are the roles and characteristics. It happens with 5 substitutions when you need something. other, it is part of my role, it is not forbidden to replace who I fielded, then it is clear that I am going to explain it to him, I needed different characteristics, I could also choose another one, but I also needed physicality for those 5 minutes, not restarts, once unlocked you have to keep the result “.

In Rome they are already thinking of Napoli, here instead of Legia. Is it mentally positive? “From Sunday to today I have not had time for all things and I can’t even include Roma, for us tomorrow is a fundamental step for our future and the players know it. Anyone who thinks of anything other than winning is wrong.”

Is the captain serene? “Very serene, he is a leader of the team, then it also happens to a leader that he misses a penalty but Napoli must play despite this, he has already shown it and therefore I said what he still has to prove. He knows that you have to react in certain ways. moments, he missed a penalty or two, maybe three, but it can happen. Changing the penalty shooter would not give us certainties of scoring and would only risk certainties that we cannot do without now. Then it is clear that there are moments inside the particularly emotional game and we will see how he is at that moment and he will talk about it with his teammates, I have seen selected players let in to take a penalty and then miss it. So what are we talking about? We need loyalty and honesty and we will also talk about it alone without need of the coach who can only perceive the emotional state “.

The Maradona in the last period beyond the presences no longer has that enthralling capacity of the past years. Did you expect that audience that gave the chills as an opponent? “The enthusiasm found as an opponent seems to be starting up again. In the last few games I found it like this, living it, the perception is there even without the full stadium. We absorb this love anyway, without the need for a full house, then it is clear that those rumbles are a further boost but you always carry it with you the comment of the child or of the people, but it depends on the people, someone like Kalidou will always carry it with you, after 8 years I think the same Mertens “.

15.19 – The press conference ends

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