New digital terrestrial: the HD arrives. The fever for TV and decoders breaks out – Chronicle

New digital terrestrial: the HD arrives. The fever for TV and decoders breaks out – Chronicle
New digital terrestrial: the HD arrives. The fever for TV and decoders breaks out – Chronicle

Pesaro, 20 October 2021 – «Many citizens believe that from today all channels are blacked out, but that’s not the case. “The race to buy the new TV or of integrative decoder. The reason is that from this morning 15 channels between Rai and Mediaset will be visible only in high definition. So those who do not have a technological means compatible with the new standards either adapt or will not have the opportunity to see, for example, Rai Sport or Tgcom24.

“People ask us what’s going to happen,” he explains Marco Ceccolini, director of Trony Center in Corso 11 Settembre. The increase in sales of TV and decoders is “200 percent more than last year, there has been a great demand for about twenty days”, continues Ceccolini. One of his employees then says: “For more than a month it seems to be Christmas”.

Smart TVs are the most sought after, while for decoders the focus is on saving, “the cheapest ones range from 24 to 40 euros“, adds the manager of the store. Of the latter, on average, every day, they sell 40-50. But it is also a hunt for televisions, especially with the scrapping bonus, or a 20% discount on the purchase, for a maximum deduction of 100 euros. Just bring your bill Rai license fee and fill out a self-certification. So much so that in the last weekend at the Trony about 50 TVs were delivered, then disposed of by Aspes, to buy new ones.

But if a citizen has the ‘small screen’ bought from 2018 onwards shouldn’t have any problems with the change of frequencies, made to free up the 700Mhz band useful for 5G. Seeing is believing: if Canale 5 hd or La 7 hd work, there is no need to make new purchases. Otherwise you have to buy the decoder or the new TV.

In fact, “many people are in panic. We answer about a hundred calls a day to reassure them, they are convinced that they will no longer see television”, says Giancarlo Grini of Sinergy in via Flaminia. About ten TVs and fifteen decoders sold per day. “With us it all started a month ago – continues Grini – Some are interested in replacing the television to avoid double remote control”, while others, at a lower cost, buy the decoder, with “the most performing having a multipurpose remote control. , which cost 59 euros “.

For appliancesO electronic who has the Isee of less than 20 thousand euros can also use an additional bonus of 30 euros. After the purchase, the configuration is needed, “and many customers ask us to go to their homes”, concludes Grini. And this is only the first step. From 1 March to 15 January in the Marche region it will be the turn of phase 2, or the transition to second generation digital terrestrial. Only here will the technological transition be concluded. This is why many already today prefer to have a new TV rather than a cheap decoder.

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