The injury and the patch: misadventure for Massimo Giletti

The injury and the patch: misadventure for Massimo Giletti
The injury and the patch: misadventure for Massimo Giletti

Sometimes, the home viewer almost mythologizes the television characters. He sees them unattainable, he thinks that they live in a parallel dimension, that they lead a “reckless life”, full of parties and worldly occasions. But this is not the case and yet another demonstration came today from Massimo Giletti, who in the usual previews of the episode of Not is the arena, which will air tomorrow, showed himself with a conspicuous nose patch.

Every Tuesday, the journalist and host of La7 shows up on social media to tell the next day’s episode. A small summary of the services that will be broadcast on Wednesday during the evening to inform viewers and make them curious about the topics covered. The television promos, by now, have become only a small part of the advertising operation of a program, now oriented almost exclusively to the galaxy of social network.

Leather biker jacket, white t-shirt and sunglasses, Massimo Giletti shot a short clip from the editorial staff to give a quick smattering of the issues of Non è arenena, which will range from an investigation into the administrative elections of Salerno ( which took place recently) to the street clashes on the Green pass and to the Trieste question. But beyond this, there is an element that has captured the attention of users who have viewed the video through the social channels of the program, and it is the conspicuous “covering” of the nose by Massimo Giletti.

What happened to the reporter? Some might think that Giletti may have been injured during a particularly dangerous reportage or that someone may have attacked him but, fortunately, neither hypothesis is correct. Massimo Giletti himself explains what the bandaging of his nose is due to. “Some of you will say: ‘What happened to you Massimo?’. I still play football, you can too half fracture the nose…“, explained the conductor with a hint of irony.

Massimo Giletti will be regularly on air Wednesday with It’s not the arena, even if with the patch on the nose and maybe a bit of annoyance but, as we said at the beginning, on the other hand even the television characters live in the real world, play football and, unfortunately, they can run into annoying injuries like this one, which fortunately did not have serious consequences for Massimo Giletti.

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