“Against all subversive realities” – Libero Quotidiano

“Against all subversive realities” – Libero Quotidiano
“Against all subversive realities” – Libero Quotidiano

The so-called “anti-fascist” left dismantled in a few lines, officers. The center-right, with a unified motion, commits the government to “promptly adopt every measure required by law to counter all – none excluded – the subversive reality who intend to pursue the subversion of the fundamental values ​​of the constitutional order and, consequently, which represent a concrete danger for the democratic system “.

The text of the motion of the center-right against totalitarianisms submitted to the Chamber, according to what the agency anticipates Adnkronos, is identical to the one filed Tuesday in the Senate with the only difference that Brothers of Italy has requested and obtained to insert the part relating toantisemitism. In fact, the document also speaks of “serious episodes of violence” to be attributed to “organizations and associations linked so much to extreme left as for theextreme right and Islamic radicalism, actively engaged in anti-Semitic propaganda directed instrumentally against the State of Israel “,” certainly prosecutable under the Scelba reads, and above all, pursuant to article 270 of the criminal code “.

Among these, underlines the text that bears the signature of the group leaders in the Chamber of the League, Fdi and Forza Italia in Montecitorio, Riccardo Molinari, Francesco Lollobrigida e Roberto Occhiuto, “we can cite the repeated attacks on the representatives of the Jewish brigade during the celebrations for the 25 April for which exponents of the antagonist area and social centers are responsible every year; the Italian Marxist Leninist Party of Florence which organizes the commemoration of the dictator Mao Tse Tung and publishes posters accusing Israel of being a nation of ‘Nazi Zionist criminals’ with photos of an armed Palestinian; the hundred social centers fighting ‘Israeli apartheid’, the list of which is published online “. League, Brothers of Italy and Come on Italy they also ask the government to undertake to “promptly follow up, as far as it is competent and according to the law, the verifications and investigations of the judiciary in relation to the episodes of 9 October referred to in the introduction”, relating to the protest demonstration in Rome against the obligation to possess the Green pass for workers “.

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