13 million seized and 14 arrests

Fourteen people arrested and € 13 million under kidnapping. This is the balance sheet of the maxi operation of the Milan finance police following an investigation into a criminal group of Italians residing in Germany, accused of international tax fraud and drug trafficking.

In these hours the military is carrying out two separate orders issued, respectively, by the German judicial authority and by the judge for preliminary investigations of the Milan court, at the request of the district anti-mafia management of the local public prosecutor’s office. The complex investigations, in fact, were carried out in close collaboration with Germany.

Ten of the arrests, for which there was a European warrant, were triggered at the end of an investigation conducted, under the authority of the European Public Prosecutor (Eppo), concerning a complex international tax fraud in the luxury car trade sector. The yellow flames of Milan carried out the measurements, in collaboration with the Central Criminal Police Department of Northern Upper Bavaria.

At the same time, the seizure, issued by the German judicial authority, of houses, movable property and financial resources, with a total value of over 13 million euros, is underway, considering the profit obtained through tax crimes. Furthermore, thanks to investigations coordinated by the Milan anti-mafia district management and also conducted with the collaboration of the Italian anti-drug services central management, another four arrests for drug trafficking are underway. At the moment, about a hundred soldiers are also engaged in searches throughout Italy.


million seized arrests

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