Sara Pedri, the former primary Tateo does not appear for selection for the hospital in Cittadella: “He wants to stay in Trento”

Sara Pedri, the former primary Tateo does not appear for selection for the hospital in Cittadella: “He wants to stay in Trento”
Sara Pedri, the former primary Tateo does not appear for selection for the hospital in Cittadella: “He wants to stay in Trento”

Saverio Tateo,
The investigation and withdrawal from selection

Sara pedri

“He will have made his own evaluation, there are many competitions and Dr. Tateo had no particular interest in Cittadella, it is clear that this media fuss has taken away serenity»Explains the defense lawyer, Professor Vincenzo Ferrante. The defender states that this is not a decision related to the requirements. In fact, in order to participate in these selections, there must be no open criminal proceedings and in the case of Sara Pedri the Public Prosecutor has opened a model 45 investigation (without suspects and hypotheses of crime). Although on the table of the Prosecutor’s Office remains the Nas dossier that had hypothesized the crime of mistreatment against Tateo relating to the management of the Gynecology department. «It is not a problem of requirements, to date in fact, we do not know that Dr. Tateo is being investigated by the Trento Public Prosecutor’s Office. In addition, he is a primary with an important curriculum who has the skills to go anywhere, ”says the lawyer. The media hype has certainly affected the choice of the primary in Veneto he would have found Luciano Flor, number one in the Venetian healthcare system, who in 2010 was at the helm of the Trentino health authority, the same year in which Tateo also arrived in Trento. Even the connection between Tateo and Flor, mentioned by the media, could have created a climate of less serenity that prompted the former primary of Trento to give up the interview.

The accusations and the reintegration goal

“There will be others,” cut the defense, which is now concentrating on the appeal. To date, no dismissal has been notified, it is a matter of days perhaps, the road is in any case traced after the opinion expressed by the Guarantors Committee which essentially gave the go-ahead to withdraw from the contract for just cause and without notice. In the document, the Guarantors speak of “facts of undoubted relevance and gravity” and of behaviors “detrimental to the dignity of the personnel for which they were responsible”. Fifteen doctors accuse Dr. Tateo and speak of “mortifying harassment and humiliation”. There are seventeen complaints against the former director of gynecology of S. Chiara, in the document of the Disciplinary Procedures Office the alleged talks in the dark in the primary office illuminated only by the table lamp, told by some gynecologists, the alleged harassment and the decision to “ban” some colleagues from the operating room. Accusations that the defense has contested with documents in hand, the same registers of shifts in the operating room – clarifies the lawyer – deny the declarations of the texts collected in the disciplinary session. It will be a judge now to evaluate the behavior of the primary who seems willing to stay in Trento. “This is what we will ask the judge, if the Court finds that the health authority made a mistake, it will have to reinstate it and pay compensation – explains Professor Ferrante -, then the head physician will decide whether to stay or not. Doctor Tateo has been put in the wrong light and we want the correctness of his work to emerge ». The lawyer Ferrante then throws a jab at the Guarantors: «They wrote that we have not given proof of his innocence, but the proof is certainly not borne by the defense, the burden of proof is borne by the prosecution».

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