The classes in DAD continue to rise: in the Cuneo area there are 31 –

In school age, the incidence of Covid cases remains below the alert threshold.

And, although at the regional level there was a slight decrease instead of the quarantined classes, which went from 130 to 127, the figure in the Cuneo area continues to increase.

Seven days ago the classes of the Granda in DAD were 20. Today they are 31: 2 in the nursery, 2 in kindergarten, 11 in Primary, 6 in middle school and 10 in high school. The only worst data comes from the Metropolitan City of Turin (50 quarantined classes). Better than us, however, Turin city (21 classes in DAD), Alessandria (10), Novarese (6), VCO (4), Biellese (3), Asti (2), while in Vercelli no quarantined classes are registered.

the best of us, on the other hand, Turin city (21 classes in DAD), Alessandria (10), Novarese (6), VCO (4), Biellese (3), Asti (2), while in Vercelli no quarantined classes are registered.

In Piedmont, in the 11-13 year group, the incidence is 48 new cases in the week 11-17 October for every 100 thousand young people of this age, 42.4 in the 14-18 year group, 39.5 in the 6-10 year group, 32.4 by 3 to 5 years and finally 26.2 in the age 0-2 years.

From the monitoring conducted by the Piedmont Region, in the week from 11 to 17 October, the contagion situation in schools in the area is almost stable. The outbreaks rise slightly, passing from 13 to 17: 1 in the nursery (age 0-2 years), 1 in kindergartens (3-5 years), 2 in primary schools (6-10 years), 2 in secondary schools of 1 1st grade (11-13 years), 11 in secondary school (14-18 years). Subdivided on a provincial basis: 3 in Alessandria (1 nursery, 1 elementary school, 1 middle school), 2 in Biellese (2 high schools), 1 in Cuneo (1 high school), 6 Turin city (1 middle school, 5 high schools ), 5 Turin metropolitan city (1 kindergarten, 1 primary school, 3 high school). No outbreaks in the cities and provinces of Asti, Novara, Vercelli and Vco.


As for the other population groups, the updated data on the incidence of the virus in Piedmont show in the last week (11-17 October) a substantial stability of the regional rate which is 27.4 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, just over half of the alert threshold of 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Situation almost constant from the epidemiological point of view, as in school age classes, even in adults. With 38 cases, the highest incidence is recorded in the 25-44 age group, falling to 25.3 between 45-59 years, 21.5 in the 19-24 age group, 21.4 between 60-69 years, and 14.8 in the over 80 age group. . The lowest figure, 14.2, is that between 70 and 79 years.

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