Two Turinians investigated in the investigation into the Neapolitan neo-Nazi group The Order of Hagal |

There are also two Turinese among the 26 investigated by the Naples prosecutor’s office and searched yesterday, Tuesday 19 October 2021, for the neo-Nazi and supremacist group ‘The Order of Hagal’, accused of having promoted campaigns of apology for fascism, denial of the Shoah, incitement to racial hatred and anti-Semitism and a “constant paramilitary training activity”.

The prosecutor of Naples Giovanni Melillo writes that the group was characterized by a “rigid compartmentalization of information based on the hierarchical level reached and aimed at achieving advanced military training for its followers, some of whom appear to have attended, even abroad, courses for the use of short and long guns and for training in hand-to-hand combat techniques “.

In addition to being neo-Nazi, the group was also known as a denier, no vax and fake news maker. On its website, the pandemic vaccine is defined as follows: “It is not a vaccine but an experimental gene therapy that modifies the DNA in an irreversible and perpetual way”.

According to what was ascertained by the Digos of Naples and by the Ucigos of Rome, in the availability of the suspects there were various types of weapons and military clothing. The training would have been carried out in some fields of Naples and Caserta. In the intercepted Whatsapp and Telegram chats there was also talk of upcoming violent actions, which however never materialized.


Turinians investigated investigation Neapolitan neoNazi group Order Hagal

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