Assassin’s Creed Discovery Tour: Viking Age | Speciale

Assassin’s Creed Discovery Tour: Viking Age | Speciale
Assassin’s Creed Discovery Tour: Viking Age | Speciale

It is not the first time that Ubisoft has launched the Discovery Tour initiative, which is a series of educational experiences that allow players to explore more about the history and cultures of a given chapter of the franchise Assassin’s Creed. In this case, we return to explore more closely the Viking and Norse culture of Valhalla with the chapter Discovery Tour: Viking Age. Assassin’s CreedIt hasn’t always been historically accurate in every detail, per se, but Ubisoft’s dedication to historical education is admirable. Thus, as well as the Discovery Tours previously released for the chapters Odissey e Origins, now also Viking Age, available from 19 October and of which we tested the PC version, presents a new interpretation with a decidedly historical flavor of the main title of the saga. What did we discover new and interesting this time? Let’s find out together.

Assassin’s Creed Discovery Tour: Viking Age, discovering Norse culture

I know Assassin’s Creed Valhalla he explored various aspects of Viking history, allowing us to experience the adventure from the point of view of Eivor, between Norway and England, here we will not have anything to do with adrenaline-fueled fights and violent clashes. In Discovery Tour: Viking Age we find in fact guided tours, different playable characters and historical places to give us more information and notions about Norway and England during the Viking era, without forgetting the worlds of Jotunheim and Asgard, all between 9 And 11th century. The main protagonists this time are 4, including Nordic merchants, monks and a sovereign. Thorsteinn, Gunnhilda, Ealric and Re Aelfred they are our travel companions, who lead us through 8 missioni narrative, each aimed at showing a specific aspect of the culture and history of the era, including themes such as reputation and identity, family and social ties, law and justice, and more. Within each of these, we can have only one or two controllable characters, which we can choose freely.

the missions they can be play in any order, but it is better to stick to the predefined flow for greater clarity of content and to follow the various events proposed in chronological order. Taken together, the missions form a global story that spans the decades and shows the adventures and evolution of the main characters. What can we do in practice? Eg interact with discovery sites and the stations we meet along the way, in order to discover information and anecdotes about the Viking era or about the development of the main title itself, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Not only main characters, but also secondary and unlockable ones in free roam mode, outside of missions and storytelling. When we are in this mode, we can choose an avatar among more than 25 unlockable characters, drawn from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and from the larger franchise of the entire saga of Assassin’s Creed.

The tokens that make history

As we anticipated, in the course of the various adventures contained in this DLC Assassin’s Creed Discovery Tour: Viking Age, there are different yellow markers, over one hundred and fifty, each positioned in strategic points to discover additional information on what surrounds us. These are not only real written descriptions, but these are also accompanied by ample visual details, with images that can satisfy the curiosity of the most passionate from a historical point of view.

Not only yellow markers and curiosities about the world of the time: we also find on the path blue markers that they can information, this time, on some interesting passages of the development path of the chapter Valhalla, for a total of about 25 real ones insights on what the development team did. An absolutely innovative and particular way to reveal the background and take us behind the scenes of the creation of the video game, an opportunity that is certainly more transversal and interesting even for those curious about the dynamics of videogame production.

A further opportunity that is granted to us in this title is the Codex, that is a menu where we can find all the items of information collected both in the discovery sites and from the “behind the scenes”. In fact, this section includes the various components discovered during the missions carried out, as well as the “teachings” unlocked as they can be recovered and reread, just as if it were a sort of archive. Finally, here are also indicated the objectives to be completed to find the various unlockable objects as you progress through the game.

How to best explore the world of the Vikings

Summarizing how much we can do in this gaming experience, for sure we will be able to get the best narrative experience by playing the narrative arcs of Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in the order suggested. All missions are replayable at any time and when interacting with a Discovery Site or Behind the Scenes, a pop-up window will appear in the lower left corner of your screen, showing us how many more you can find in this region.

What other options do we have? Here are available two modes also present in the main stories of the most recent chapters. We can call ours corvo to enjoy a view from above and help us find precious opportunities in the world around us, while if we want to have a more direct approach to the territory, we can call ours mount for a faster way to travel. When we are on horseback, we can also try the auto-follow road option by entering the first person view and see more precise details.

Finally, this version presents a small sore point, for those who were not accustomed to the English language: at launch, it does not have any localization in Italian, but only in English, French, German, Spanish and a few other languages. A partially negative point for players who are not too “friends” of foreign languages. Another flaw, if we want, of this content, is the dimension request for space on the PC: we are almost 100GB in size to download, a difficult undertaking for those who do not have a fast enough connection and also for those who do not have too much free space on their hardware.


Assassin’s Creed Discovery Tour: Viking Age looks like the other tours of the previous Ubisoft saga titles, with some technical difficulties here and there in response to commands and some visual glitches, but overall it is a good experience for lovers of these types of DLC . Furthermore, the options available are quite wide and partly reflect those present in the main story, and while this choice is good for orienting players in the gameplay, it can also be perceived as a lack of variety by the team of development. Available as stand-alone content or as a DLC for those who already own the main game, it remains an excellent opportunity to learn more for lovers of Norse history.

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