Woman stabbed in the street after a dispute over a parking space: three people arrested

Almost an entire family in handcuffs for the wounding of a woman which took place yesterday afternoon in Marano, in Via Campania. Victim one 34enne of the place, hit by 4 blows that cost her immediate hospitalization in reserved prognosis at the hospital of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Pozzuoli.

To get in trouble, father mother and minor son, all cleansed. They have respectively 40, 38 and 17 years old and they are neighbors of the victim.

The reconstruction

According to what was reconstructed by the Carabinieri, the dispute had already begun yesterday morning over a parking space. Insults and threats had already flown, but the violence broke out only a few hours later. The 34-year-old resumed the discussion with the 38-year-old neighbor. Her family members intervened to support her until the 17-year-old pulled out a knife and placed four stabs. One of these directed to the sacrum. The Arma soldiers have reconstructed the story and arrested the three people.

Father and mother ended up in the prisons of Poggioreale and Pozzuoli, while the child was transferred to the first reception center of the Aminei Hills. Everyone is awaiting trial.

The victim’s condition is stable, although the doctors have not yet resolved the prognosis.


Woman stabbed street dispute parking space people arrested

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