Costa: “Enlargement of the audience for the third dose between the end of 2021 and 2022” – Health

Costa: “Enlargement of the audience for the third dose between the end of 2021 and 2022” – Health
Costa: “Enlargement of the audience for the third dose between the end of 2021 and 2022” – Health

“It is reasonable to think that between the end of the year and the beginning of next year we will proceed with the enlargement of the audience for those who will have to receive the third dose. The timing on which we are thinking is this”, he told Sky TG24 the Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa.

“For the choice of giving everyone the third dose – continued Costa – we are in an area in which politics must take note of what will be the scientific indications, on this I believe it is appropriate to clearly divide the competences: politics he must assume the responsibility of declining the choices, but he must do so on the basis of what science tells us. Today the indications we have are to proceed with the third dose on the frail and over sixty “.

It is “reasonable to think that there will be an extension. The government’s task is to be ready for administration and in this respect we guarantee that we are, both in terms of logistics in the territories and the availability of vaccines. The indications – he said – tell us that it is reasonable to think that we will go towards the third widespread dose and we will do it gradually. It seems to me that even on the third dose there is a positive response from citizens, we must continue relying on their sense of responsibility, which has been amply demonstrated both in compliance with the rules and in the availability of vaccination. They made us reach extraordinary numbers that allow us to continue on the path of returning to normality “.

“I think it is reasonable to look at end of the year as a time limit in which you can reach 100% of the capacities which have not yet reached this percentage. In our country we have basically reopened everything, we only have a limit on capacities in some sectors “, added Costa.” There is a positive fact: there is an increase even for the first few doses, I believe that reaching 90% of vaccinables is a goal that can be reached in a few weeks and certainly by the end of the year, it is a percentage that would allow us to manage simpler and the country to fully return to normal “.



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