a 32-year-old from Mali was arrested

a 32-year-old from Mali was arrested
a 32-year-old from Mali was arrested

First he tried to kidnap a five-year-old boy, then, in the face of the resistance of the mother of the little one, has attacked and groped the woman. He then fled, but a 32 year old Malian has been arrested shortly after by the carabinieri.

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It happened in Castelvetrano (Trapani). The 32-year-old, legal in the country but homeless, is now accused of sexual assault, attempted kidnapping and personal injury. The military intervened after the request for help from the child’s mother who told how the non-EU citizen had tried to kidnap her son, and then attacked her. Despite the state of shock, the woman managed to defend the baby and repelled the assault of the man who also groped her, before fleeing. The boy suffered bruises on both legs.

The 32-year-old was tracked down shortly after. Investigations revealed that just a few hours earlier, the man had been rescued by a 118 ambulance that found him lying on the ground. On the way to the hospital he had performed autoerotic acts in front of the medical staff, including a woman, as well as having damaged the interior of the ambulance itself. For the non-EU citizen, the detention was thus triggered, validated by the investigating judge, and was taken to prison in Trapani.

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