Work, here are the best companies in the world where to be employees. Italy second in Europe

Work, here are the best companies in the world where to be employees. Italy second in Europe
Work, here are the best companies in the world where to be employees. Italy second in Europe

Working is good. But being able to work well is even better. What are the places in the world where workers feel at ease, stimulated, empowered, pampered, in short, happy with work they do and the company they spend most of their day in? There is a world ranking, and the answer is this: Dhl, awarded in 38 different countries, Cisco (in 22), e Hilton (21), form the podium of the ranking of the best companies in the world to work for, drawn up by Great Place to Work, a company leader in the analysis of the corporate climate and employer branding. “Involving so many companies and collaborators for the drafting of the ranking is a goal that makes us very proud and satisfied with our work,” says Alessandro Zollo, CEO of Great Place to Work Italy. There are 100 countries involved in the survey, 7,500 surveys carried out, over 3 million responses obtained and 20 million collaborators represented: these are the numbers that highlight the meticulous analysis carried out by Great Place to Work, company leader in the analysis of the corporate climate and employer branding, for the creation of the World’s Best Workplaces ranking, available at the link

State, here is home work (with office hours). Higher salaries to super-officials

From an operational point of view, organizations are evaluated on the basis of the methods implemented to create excellent workplaces and, at the same time, the impact that the companies themselves generate on people and communities is also taken into consideration. To be considered, companies must appear in at least 5 Best Workplaces rankings within one or more geographic regions (Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa, North America or Australia) over a period of time that includes the whole of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. But that’s not all, in fact, the organizations present in the ranking of the best in the world must have at least 5 thousand collaborators around the globe and, of these, at least 40% must be located outside the country in which find the company headquarters.

In Italy

Staying from a ranking point of view, one figure stands out more than others, namely the fact that Italy, as on the occasion of the Europès Best Workplaces, wins the silver medal. In fact, the Bel Paese is the 2nd European country, behind only the United Kingdom, in terms of the number of awarded branches, 12. by Cisco, awarded in 22 and, finally, Hilton, in 21. “The work done to collect all the necessary material was remarkable and for this reason we are even more excited to see that Italy is even on the podium of European countries with the highest number of award-winning branches, ”says Zollo. «Studying the People Experience is and will always be the basis of our work because companies, especially at this time, need to understand the needs of their collaborators in order to start that business transformation process that is influencing the global landscape. Organizational well-being, diversity and inclusion (D&I), sustainability and hybrid work are today the most recurring issues in our surveys and these topics instantly enter the agendas of CEOs all over the world “, concludes Zollo.


But now we come to the ranking of the 25 best companies in the world for jobs.
1) DHL Express, Bonn, Germany (Transport): 111,000 employees
2) Cisco, San Jose, United States (Information Technologies): 78,430
3) Hilton, McLean, United States (Hospitality): 136,805
4) AbbVie, North Chicago, United States (Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals): 48,000
5) Salesforce, San Francisco, United States (Information Technologies): 60,000
6) 3M, Maplewood, United States (manufactured products): 94,000
7) SC Johnson, Racine, United States (manufactured goods): 10,995
8) Amgen, Thousand Oaks, United States (Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals): 22,851
9) SAP, Walldorf, Germany (Information Technologies): 102,400
10) Roche, Basel, Switzerland (Healthcare): 100,000

Following up to 25th place we find Hilti AG, EY, Sas, AT&T Latin America, Stryker, Novartis, Cadence, Novo Nordisk, The Adecco Group, Mercado Libre, Adobe, American Express, Atlassian Inc, Santander and Teleperformance.


The ranking of the best companies to work in, unique of its kind, is mainly based on the opinions of the employees of the companies interested in the quality of their work environment; by filling in the questionnaire on the analysis of the company climate, workers have therefore assigned their organization the title of Best Workplace. Five categories considered: Credibility, Respect and Fairness, measure employees’ trust in their managers, while the other two, Pride and Cohesion, they aim to evaluate employees’ relationship with their work and their company, their feelings about them, and the fun in the workplace with other colleagues. The opinions of the employees that are taken into consideration to draw up the ranking are the following: management involves people in decisions that affect their work or the working environment; people are paid fairly for the work they do; management would fire people only as a last resort; our customers would rate the service we provide as “excellent”; management has a clear vision of where the organization is going and how to get there; the people here are paid fairly for the work they do; everyone has the opportunity to gain special recognition; managers avoid playing favorites; we have special and unique benefits here; promotions go to those who most deserve them; management does a good job of assigning and coordinating people; the people here are willing to give more to get the job done; I feel I can make a difference here; I am offered training or development to improve myself professionally; I am able to take time off work when I deem it necessary; I am treated as a full member here, regardless of my position; I am proud to tell others that I work here; management shows a sincere interest in me as a person, not just as an employee; management is available, easy to talk; management keeps me informed of important issues and changes; my work has a special meaning: this is not “just a job”; this is a psychologically and emotionally healthy workplace; management trusts people to do a good job without looking over their shoulder; this is a fun place to work; our facilities help create a good working environment; you can count on the collaboration of people. And who wouldn’t be happy to work in a company that respects these parameters? For example 94% of DHL employees believe that customers rate the work they do as excellent, 95% of those who work at 3M are proud to talk about their company, 90% of SAP employees are happy that they are offered the service. training necessary to grow professionally.


Fifty companies celebrate their entry into the Europe’s Best Workplaces ™ Ranking, an increasingly coveted award among national and multinational organizations that value the employee experience and aim at improving the internal climate day after day. “The increasing participation in the 21 countries involved – explains Giulia Castaldini, List Manager in Great Place to Work® Italy – together with the continuous development of the organizational well-being of the companies that have been working with us for years, allows us this year to increase by 25 positions the ranking, which goes from 125 to 150 total prizes. This in itself is proof that the pandemic has not stopped the commitment of companies towards the construction of a great place to work, on the contrary: it has motivated the effort in this direction even more throughout the continent, confirming that in the moments more difficult for organizations, as well as for society, listening to people is the first effective way to keep one’s organizational culture solid and active ». This year Italy has one of the strongest presences in the standings, with as many as 20 companies: a result that places our country in second place for the number of companies, tied with France, and after the United Kingdom. Among these 20 organizations, 14 are “Italian local entities” of multinational companies, awarded in the relative segment.

Let’s see which are these “Italians” in the European ranking, where it is more pleasant for employees to work. Among the multinationals we find DHL Express, AbbVie and Cisco on the podium. Then follow Salesforce, Hilton, Amgen, Sas, The Adecco Group, SC Johnson, Stryker, Cadence, Admiral Group, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Accuracy. Among the small companies (10-49 employees) we find in 18th place, first in Italy, Camasia srl, a company that deals with information technology. In the range of 50-499 employees, the first Italian, in 17th place is Biogen Italia Srl, which deals with biotechnologies and pharmaceutical products. Finally, in companies with more than 500 employees, the first Italian company, in 14th position, is illimity (financial services and insurance).


But to conclude we come to the exclusively Italian ranking, starting with the smallest companies (10-49). Leading the way as the best place to work is Accuracy, followed by Cadence Design Systems, Camasia, Walliance Spa, Adaci, NeN and R-Everse SpA. Among the companies between 50 and 149 employees in first place is, as mentioned, Biogen Italia Srl, and on the podium we find Insight Technology Solutions and Zoetis Italia. Then Webranking, Wide Group, Mia-Platform, Portolano Cavallo, Casavo, Selectra Italia, Kalpa and Intesys. Over 150 employees, but up to 499, Cisco Systems Italy is ahead of Zeta Service, Salesforce, Bending Spoons, Unox, Stryker Italia, Amgen, Sorgenia, Danone Nutricia, Bristol-Myers Squibb, SC Johnson Italy, Cofidis, SAS, Vianova, Andriani, Assimoco Group and Hoist Finance. Finally, among companies with over 500 employees, the best working environments are MSD Italia, followed by American Express, AbbVie Italia, Dhl Express, Hilton,, Micron Semiconductor Italia, DHL Global Forwarding Italy, Eli Lilly Italia, Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions, The Adecco Group, illimity, Campari, Elettronica, Sapio.

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